Step-by-Step Guide to the Express Entry Pool

By Michael Niren October 13, 2015 (Updated December 7, 2020) 2 min. read

So, you’ve done your research, followed all the guidelines, submitted your online profile and been entered into the Express Entry pool. What next?

Well, the pool is where you’ll stay for up to one year from the day you enter it, until either you’re issued an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence, or your time in the pool expires (in which case you can re-submit your profile, providing you’re still eligible for Express Entry).

Whether you are selected from the pool by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in one of its regular draws will really depend on how many points you score in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

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Check your eligibility for Canadian Express Entry

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

If you’re in the Express Entry pool, you’ve probably already been scored according to various human capital factors – this is your CRS score. You can be awarded up to 600 points for various factors such as your age, Canadian work experience, qualifications and more.

However, if you’ve received a qualifying job offer or provincial nomination, you’ll automatically be given an additional 600 points.

Express Entry Draws

CIC conduct regular draws where any number of successful candidates may be selected and issued an invitation to apply for permanent residence. For each draw, there will be a required number of points available.

So far, some draws have required over 700 points, meaning candidates had to possess a job offer or provincial nomination in order to be selected. However, more recently, candidates who have scored as little as 469 have been selected.

According to CIC: “You may be invited to apply if you are among the top ranked in the pool based on your skills and experience.”

Register with the Job Bank

If you have not already received a qualifying job offer or provincial nomination, it’s important that you register with the Job Bank so that you can be linked with potential employers and remain eligible to stay in the pool. You will have received a personal reference code to sign up.

Keep Your Information Accurate

This is a big one. Here’s what CIC has to say: “You must make sure that the information in your profile stays true and accurate at all times. If your situation changes (for example, if you start a new career, you get a new language test, get married, or have a baby), you must update your profile.

What Happens If You’re Invited?

If you are issued an ITA (invitation to apply) for permanent residence, CIC will send a message to your MyCIC account and personal email dress, so you must ensure you use a valid address and always check your spam filter.

Are You Interested in Applying for Express Entry?

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