Are Immigrants Losing Jobs Because of Coronavirus?

By Ella Bergquist May 26, 2020 2 min. read
Immigrants Losing Jobs

Ever since the Coronavirus has taken over the country, foreign workers in the US have been nervous about the status of their employment. There are some shocking percent of immigrants working in the US such as 24% of maids/housekeepers are non-citizens. In the US 8% of physicians are also non-citizens. In total, non-citizens make up 6.8% of the workforce throughout America. Ever since the COVID-19 virus infected the country hundred of thousands of jobs have been loss. Obviously this means that immigrants have been affected by the Coronavirus as well. Thankfully, there have actually been some industries that have increased the employment of foreign workers in the US! There are six industries that have hired more immigrant foreign workers since March 2020.

Immigrant Jobs Increased During the Coronavirus

IndustryPercent of non-citizen workersChange in employment since Coronavirus Outbreak
Professional and technical services7% 7,000 jobs
Management of companies and enterprises6% 3,000 jobs
Finance and insurance5%3,000 jobs
Information4%2,000 jobs
Wholesale trade6%900 jobs
Utilities2%800 jobs
Total Jobs Gained: 16,700

How to Get a Job with a US Visa During COVID-19 Pandemic

You can still apply for a US visa! Immigration Lawyers are still working and ready to help you with your US Work visa application NOW. The USCIS is open and processing applications for all visas.

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A US Immigration Lawyer or US Immigration Professional will be able to help you apply for a US work visa which allows you to apply to jobs within the United States. According to the statistics, there are industries that are still hiring immigrant foreign workers right now.

Immigrant Jobs Loss During the Coronavirus

IndustryPercent of Non-Citizen WorkersChange in Employment since Coronavirus outbreak
Accommodation and food services7%-446,000 jobs
Health care and social assistance5%-61,000 jobs
Administrative and waste services9%-61,000 jobs
Retail trade5%-46,000 jobs
Construction6%-29,000 jobs
Other services8%-24,000 jobs
Manufacturing7%-18,000 jobs
Educational services5%-15,000 jobs
Arts, entertainment, and recreation4%-13,000 jobs
Mining3%-6,000 jobs
Transportation and warehousing5%-5,000 jobs
Real estate and rental and leasing4%-3,000 jobs
Total Jobs Loss: 727,000

According to the employment figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and immigration figures from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, 3 out of 4 non-citizen immigrants lost their jobs in March due to the coronavirus.

Can an Immigrant Stay in the US After Losing a Job During the Coronavirus?

Yes! There are options for immigrants to stay in the US after losing a job. Especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic there are ways for Foreign Workers to stay in the United States.

Extend your US Work Visa

If your work visa is going to expire during the Coronavirus outbreak then you will want to extend your US Work Visa.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is the process that you can use to apply for lawful permanent resident status (also known as applying for a Green Card) when you are present in the United States. Become a Permanent Resident instead of being a foreign worker!

Learn more about how to adjust your work visa status to become a permanent resident of the United States.

News Updates on Foreign Workers in the US During Coronavirus

The Trump administration is also expected within the next few weeks to halt the issuance of new work visas such as the H-1B visa, for high skilled foreigners, and the H-2B visa, for seasonal employment. Many H-1B holders lost their jobs and are facing removal from the United States unless they find another job. The US may suspend granting more H-1B visas to prevent any immigrants in the US currently to have to leave.