Canadian Spousal Sponsorship: Inland vs. Outland

By Sierra November 23, 2021 (Updated December 6, 2021) 2 min. read

Spousal Sponsorship is one of the most-sought after immigration pathways to Canada each year and thousands are actively learning more about completing their application. Spousal Sponsorship is when someone residing in Canada sponsors their foreign spouse to live with them as a permanent resident. When completing one of these applications, you are given two options: Inland Spousal Sponsorship or Outland Spousal Sponsorship. It’s super important to understand the difference as completing your petition correctly is vital to your immigration success.

Here you can learn more about these two options and the differences between them!

Inland Spousal Sponsorship

Couples who wish to submit a sponsorship application while already living in Canada must submit an ‘Inland’ application. For example, let’s say an individual has been in Canada on a temporary visa and has found someone and got married but now needs Canada PR to stay with their new spouse in Canada, they would use the inland spousal sponsorship application! If a couple is pursuing an Inland application, the sponsored spouse may become eligible to obtain an open work permit, allowing them to work while waiting for their application results.

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Outland Spousal Sponsorship

Outland spousal sponsorship was designed for those being sponsored residing outside Canada. This program can also be used for those living in Canada but want the freedom to travel in and out of Canada while their application is being processed. The spousal sponsorship process can take up to a year to process so it’s important to choose which option is best for you!

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Spousal Sponsorship Eligibility

Within both inland and outland spousal sponsorship, the petitioning spouse must prove:

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