Another Immigration Consultant in the News After Facing Criminal Charges

It is starting to feel like an epidemic. Yet another immigration consultant is facing criminal charges.

Immigration Consultant Dupes Students

A man in British Columbia was forging transcripts in order to get non-students into Canada under temporary student visas. According to the Vancouver Sun, there are a number of complaints about the immigration consultant, all from within the last 10 years.

That’s two shady immigration consultants in the news this month, not to mention another immigration consultant allegedly causing people to be deported from Canada who hasn’t been caught yet.

Call for Regulation of Immigration Consultants

Despite recognizing a need to better regulate immigration consultants after a number of cases popped up over the summer, nothing yet has really been done, although an open casting call for organizations wanting to be the official immigration consultant regulatory body closed December 29th.

Canadian Society for Immigration Consultants Similarly Accused

Even the current regulatory body, the Canadian Society for Immigration Consultants (CSIC), is currently facing an investigation over allegedly bending the rules for fast-tracking certain applications based on jobs offers. The chair of the CSIC is being accused of himself offering a job to an immigrant in order to speed up the process. While the CSIC has applied to be the official regulatory body, they face a few difficulties. For example, there are not enough members in the society to properly enforce rules and investigate complaints, and in 2009, only one disciplinary hearing took place despite over 200 complaints

Visa Applicants Should Take Due Dilligence

In order to protect themselves, their money and their hopes of immigrating to Canada, applicants should do their due diligence when hiring a consultant or a lawyer. Insist on seeing their license, check references and reviews on their service and ask a whole bunch of questions before signing on the “dotted line”.

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