Is There a VisaPlace Office in India?

By Ella Bergquist September 8, 2021 (Updated September 10, 2021) 1 min. read
India VisaPlace Office

No, VisaPlace does not have an office in India. We have helped hundreds of thousands of Indian citizens immigrate to Canada and United States. Often their first question is, do you have an office in India? VisaPlace does not have an office in India. The VisaPlace offices are located within Canada and the United States ONLY. We conduct all of our legal services in only Canada and the United States.

If you are applying to immigrate to Canada or the United States from India you do not need to meet with an immigration lawyer within India. At VisaPlace, we will connect you with an immigration lawyer who can handle your case completely.

How We Handle Your Immigration Case Virtually

It is a common question to wonder how we can help you without being located in India. We have been practicing immigration services for over 25 years! We live in an advanced world where we can use many different types of technology to communicate with you across the world.

From video chat to courier services, we make sure we are in constant contact with our clients. It is not required or necessary to meet with an immigration lawyer or professional to help with immigration services. We do have offices throughout the United States and Canada for those who are interested in visiting us or stopping by once you’ve successfully immigrated!

Avoid Immigration Scams from India

VisaPlace does not have any offices, employees, phone numbers, or representatives in India. If you have been contacted by someone who says they work for VisaPlace and are located in India, please contact us at this number: +1-647-362-5067

Where To Start When Immigrating From India?

Your first step is to book a consultation for US or Canadian immigration services. Your consultation will be over the phone or via video chat. We can’t wait to start helping with your immigration journey!

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