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Canada to Reduce Temporary Resident Numbers Over the Next 3 Years

By Casey March 26, 2024 (Updated March 26, 2024) 1 min. read
canadian immigration

Big news for Canadian immigration! Starting in fall 2024, the annual Immigration Levels Plan will include targets for temporary residents alongside permanent resident targets.

Previously, the plan only focused on the number of new permanent residents Canada would welcome each year for the next three years. Now, temporary residents will also be factored into the overall immigration strategy.

Canada Will Prioritize Transitioning Temporary Residents to Permanent Resident Status

Canada’s immigration system is shifting to focus more on offering permanent residency to people already in the country as temporary residents. This aims to stabilize population growth and provide a clear path for those contributing to the economy.

What to Expect:

  1. More “domestic draws”: Immigration authorities (IRCC) are likely to hold more selection rounds specifically for temporary residents already in Canada.
  2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) may follow suit: Provinces might prioritize candidates with temporary resident status in their PNP draws.
  3. Focus on existing talent: Express Entry draws (the federal skilled worker program) might also target candidates already in Canada.

Minister Miller emphasized that these changes are a response to a strong economy and a tight labor market. Canada recovered more jobs than lost during the pandemic, highlighting the value of temporary residents and the need for a smoother transition to permanent residency.

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