Can My Canada Work Permit Be Cancelled by My Employer?

By Casey May 21, 2021 (Updated May 27, 2021) 2 min. read

Many foreigners in Canada are issued temporary work permits each year – some of which are open work permits, and others which are known as closed work permits.

Foreign workers with closed work permits are limited to only one employer and usually can only work in a specific location. This means that these workers are at a much greater risk of having to leave Canada if their employment is brought to an end.

This can be especially aggravating after putting all of the effort it took into gathering necessary documentation to apply and waiting for approval for the work permit in the first place. There are ways to address employment issues for foreign workers such as this who are dealing with termination, immigration rules, and what to do if you feel you have been wrongfully dismissed of your job in Canada.

Will I Need to Leave Canada?

You will not need to leave the country/be deported right away if you are a temporary worker who holds a valid permit while the said permit was canceled. Foreign workers who have employer-specific work permits (closed work permits) can legally stay in Canada until their work permit status expires. However, they will not be able to work for anyone else in Canada during that stay.

If you have been working under a closed work permit in Canada and wish to start a new job, you will need to qualify and apply for a new, different work permit or change to an open work permit.

You will also have an option to stay in Canada as a visitor or student – but only if you meet requirements for these visas and apply before your canceled work permit expires.

What If I Work In Canada Under an Open Work Permit?

An open work permit holder has the advantage to work anywhere in Canada, for just about any employer. Some open work permit holders decide they want to lengthen their stay or move to Canada permanently and apply for permanent residence. If this is the case, the permit holder will have to verify that they are eligible for a visa extension.

How Long Will It Take to Get a New Work Permit?

The time it will take for a new work permit to process will depend on several factors – such as the office it is being processed in and the number of applications that have to be looked over at the time you’ve sent yours in. This can normally take anywhere from 1-27 weeks to process a Canadian work visa.

You can find a list of visa processing times, including the updated time for work permits, on our Canada Immigration Processing Times page.

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