Ontario PNP Program for Immigration

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Hello. My name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of
visaplace.com. Today I want to talk to you about the Ontario PNP program or
the Provincial Nominee Program for Ontario. I think it’s a great program.
It’s very flexible in that there are criteria for the employer category as
well as the investor category. And you have to meet those criteria.

Understanding the Ontario PNP Program for Immigration

But the PNP officials in Ontario are understanding generally, so in a case
where you don’t necessarily formally qualify, there’s still a possible
opportunity to get through the system. And that’s not to say every case
will be approved, of course, far from it. But what I like about the PNP
program in Ontario is that dealing with the officials there, we find to be
very reasonable and helpful in identifying qualified candidates.

Ontario PNP Fast Track Program

It’s also a fast track program. It’s generally faster than the federal
program, which could take well over a year. Also, if you’re approved for
the Provincial Nominee Program, you’re virtually guaranteed to get your
admission to Canada provided you pass your medicals and your criminality
checks. It’s a very, very good program. I’m very excited.

The Ontario PNP Program Cap

There is an annual cap every year for the PNP, so I urge people who
potentially qualify for the Ontario PNP program to consider applying early
on. Otherwise, they may be in a situation where the government is not
taking any more applications. So it is a good program. There are two
essential categories under the PNP, the employment and the investor.

Are You Interested in the Ontario PNP Program for Immigration?

There is some more additional information, of course. What we do is if we
have a candidate for the PNP, we will sit down with that person and
evaluate their credentials and see whether or not we could help them get
through the system. So I hope this gives you some hope in considering
Ontario as a destination for your immigration to Canada.

Thank you and have a great day.

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