5 Reasons Moving to Canada is Easier Than You Think

By Michael NirenAugust 9, 2020

Canada has long been considered a prime destination for people looking for a better life. Compared to other nations, Canadian democracy tends to eschew prejudiced rhetoric and violence in favor of inclusion and mutual benefit. Even better, the recent change in government has resulted in a more welcoming attitude towards foreigners who wish to move […]

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Which 5 Canadian Cities Need Teachers in 2021?

By Michael NirenDecember 7, 2020
Working in CanadaJob Opportunities

One of the greatest aspects of Canadian culture is the numerous educational institutions that teach children and adults valuable skills and knowledge. More than 16 percent of the Canadian population is currently between the age of 5-19, while more than 13 percent of the population is between the ages of 20-29. The combination of these […]

Melania Trump

Did Melania Trump Work in the US Illegally?

By Michael NirenAugust 9, 2020

As much of the world is now aware, one of Donald Trump’s main campaign targets has been immigrants since the beginning. In particular, he wishes to deport illegal immigrants immediately, which estimates numbers at more than 11 million. Ironically, recent reports have surfaced that his wife, Melania Trump, potentially worked as a model in the United […]

How I became a Canadian citizen on July 1, 2016, on Canada Day

By Michael NirenAugust 6, 2016

“I was looking for a quality immigration lawyer for some time, to help me with my application for renewal of Permanent Residency and Citizenship Application. I had a unique case due to my professional obligations outside the country. Although I knew most of the immigration rules and thought to do it myself but came to […]


How Canadian Immigrants are Actually Lowering the Crime Rate

By Michael NirenAugust 9, 2020

Countless politicians use immigration as a wedge issue, blaming newcomers for a wide variety of problems. In fact, foreigners make one of the easiest political scapegoats to blame when attempting to shift blame, create fear, and gather votes in conservative voting zones. We’re not immune to this in Canada. When you take a closer look […]


31 Fun Facts: What Makes Canada the Best Country?

By Michael NirenAugust 9, 2020

We could go on and on about why Canada is a great place for immigrants to start their new life and settle, but what about the fun facts? Here are plenty of reasons why the country is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. Reasons Why Canada is the Best Country #1: […]

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4 Surprising Reasons You’ll Be Denied Entry to Canada

By Michael NirenAugust 4, 2020

Espionage, terrorism, and crimes against humanity seem like obvious reasons you’ve been denied entry to Canada. And many of Canada’s reasons for inadmissibility, as outlined on the government of Canada’s website, are very straightforward. But some can come as a surprise to those who don’t know all of the rules. Here are 3 surprising things […]

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5 Reasons Students Choose to Study in Canada

By Michael NirenDecember 19, 2019
Study Permits

Are you considering becoming an international student and gaining a Canadian education? Are you wondering if studying in Canada would suit your needs and your plans for the future? Where you choose to study depends not just on what you want to study, but also on the quality of your life overall while you’re learning. […]

Teens Detained After Crossing U.S. Border Playing Pokémon Go

By Michael NirenJuly 27, 2016

The official motto of Pokémon Go – “gotta catch ‘em all!” – also happens to be the mandate of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection team. While Pokémon refers to the collection of cute little anime monsters, United States border officers strive to catch anyone who attempts to enter the U.S. illegally, whether on purpose […]

Canada Visa Exemption for Mexicans 2016

By Michael NirenJuly 11, 2016

Great News for Mexican Nationals and Canadian Immigration The government of Canada has lifted the visa requirement for Mexican nationals. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made an announcement during a meeting with the Mexican President, and now Canada will not require a visa for Mexican nationals to visit the country. This will become effective starting […]

Corporate Immigration Solutions for Canada

By Michael NirenJuly 5, 2016

LMIA problems for Business?  We have you covered 4 Jul 2016 Our company had a series of very complicated LMIA issues that had been made a mess by an immigration consultant. We had staff that could have been forced to leave the country but Sanaa and her team jumped in worked thier way through the […]


Deadlock Halts Obama’s Immigration Plan

By Michael NirenAugust 11, 2020

“Seldom have the hopes of so many been crushed by so few words,” stated Walter Dellinger, Solicitor General for the Clinton administration. This was his response to the latest news from the United States Supreme Court, which voted on a case that challenged the legal legitimacy of President Barack Obama’s immigration plan. Up to five […]

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Canada Looking to Slash Wait Times for Foreign Workers and Tech Firms

By Michael NirenAugust 11, 2020

In order to compete for the finest talent around the world, Canada is attempting to change the way that they allow key industries to hire highly-skilled foreign workers. Instead of wading through red tape, companies want to speed up the process, especially regarding positions that are key to the growth of their business. During a press […]


Pregnant With a Canadian Citizen? You May Still Be Denied Entry to Canada

By Michael NirenAugust 11, 2020

Despite the fact that one of the mandates of Canadian immigration involves uniting diasporic immigrant families, there’s no guarantee Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will approve your sponsorship case just because you’re pregnant with the child of a Canadian citizen. In fact, even if one of your children is already a Canadian citizen, your application […]


Will #Brexit Affect Canada Immigration? Here’s What You Need to Know NOW

By Michael NirenAugust 11, 2020

The stunning results of the British referendum that will see them exit the European Union has caused a sharp spike in Google searches on how to move from the UK to Canada. This is similar to the spike in Google searches on how to move from the U.S. to Canada when Donald Trump seized control […]