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How to Immigrate to the US through the Diversity Visa Program

If you are interested in moving to the United States through the US Diversity Visa Program, read the information we have provided below to learn more about how you can apply for the lottery program!

Flag IconUS Diversity Visa Lottery

There are several ways to immigrate to the United States, such as family sponsorship or employment opportunities. An additional way to immigrate is through a lottery-based system called the Diversity Visa Program. In this program, the government chooses a random selection of applicants to go through an interview process as a candidate for permanent residency.

The likelihood of being selected for the Diversity Visa Program depends on the population size of your country. The smaller the population size, the more likely you will be chosen to be interviewed. Regardless of where you currently live, we recommend submitting an entry as family sponsorships and other means of immigration have very rigorous requirements. To be eligible for an interview, there is a step-by-step process that requires a set of qualifications.

How to Apply for the US Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Step 1 - Submit an Entry

  • This can only be done within a limited period of time each year according to yearly instructions, which provide a time frame for when you can apply.
  • Once submitted, note that you must check your status from time to time on the official Entrant Status Check page as confirmation of your approval will not be notified through mail or email.

The online registration period for 2024 begins Wednesday, October 5th, and concludes on Tuesday, November 8 at noon.

Step 2 - Confirm Your Qualifications

Ensure that you meet the requirements below to be eligible for a visa in this program.

  • The principal applicant must have a high school education (or equivalent) or 2 years of work experience in the last 5 years in a qualified occupation. (Spouse or children do not need to meet these requirements)
  • Must provide a valid passport number or fall under one of three exemptions (click here for the full set)

Step 3 - Complete the Alien Registration Application

  • The principal applicant and all family members applying for this program must complete the online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application (Form DS-260)
  • Once this form is processed, you will receive instructions to submit supporting documents and information when your interview is ready
  • Each family member applying for a visa must complete a medical exam and any required vaccinations with an approved physician prior to the interview
  • Each applicant must provide 2 identical photos and all remaining required documents to the interview which include the Entrant Status Check appointment information, the DS-260 confirmation page, valid passports, and original documents or certified copies. Check here for the full set
  • Each applicant must pay the Diversity Visa fee which varies between different U.S. Embassies and Consulates. Look into the specific instructions for the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you will be interviewed to follow payment procedures

Step 5 - Interview

  • The principal applicant and their spouse as well as any qualified unmarried children immigrating are required to join the interview unless they are immigrating at a later date in which they will receive a separate interview
  • At the end of the interview applicants, you will be informed of approval or denial
  • If approved, you will be informed how your passport and visa will be returned to you
  • If denied, you will be informed why you are ineligible to receive a visa

While a lengthy process, this program provides an extra opportunity to immigrate with simpler qualifications. When you’ve been selected for permanent residency, Visaplace can help determine your eligibility, gather your documentation, and establish a plan through many of our services, such as Visa Assist.

The US Diversity Visa is a popular program, which is why we suggest taking advantage of professional immigration help to ensure you put forth the best application possible. VisaPlace has helped many individuals successfully obtain a US Diversity Visa. Book a consultation to get started so we can help you too!