U.S. Corporate Immigration Services Program

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What is Corporate Immigration?

Corporate immigration allows companies to do international business, in these cases, the UInited States. This is a tremendous opportunity for foreign workers who’d like to better their lives through employment access that is unavailable in their home countries. With the proper immigration guidance, you too can take advantage of such an opportunity.

How We Can Meet Your Global Mobility Needs

When it comes to the global migration of employees, from a single business person to a large corporation, it is imperative that immigration goes smoothly. The corporate immigration plans need to unfold without a hitch, especially when large groups of international travelers are involved. To successfully bring any overseas representative of a company to the U.S., the complex immigration process needs to be handled properly, or the business plans will simply not be realized. Through carefully coordinated services, we help to organize the complexities of your travel needs, so that every employee is able to enter the States on time and without issue.


How VisaPlace's Corporate Immigration Services Can Help

Our experienced corporate immigration department can assist any type of business travel, from a single business person who needs to attend a meeting to an entire transfer of employees from a large corporation. We carefully assess the needs of each client’s plans, and provide a complete customized immigration solution package. We communicate directly with HR managers and overseas correspondents to determine exactly what is needed for the global migration to occur without issue.

U.S. Corporate Immigration Services

Some of the ways that we can assist individuals or businesses are through handling:

  • High-volume cases that require coordination with many departments at each stage of the process
  • Applications for permanent residency through the appropriate immigration stream
  • Applications for U.S. work permits

The Importance of Compliance

Each U.S. visa comes with very specific strict requirements that all must be met. When you take into account the diversity of needs for a high volume of business people from around the world, the difficulty is significantly magnified. Not to mention, immigration laws are frequently updated.

When you are planning to transfer employees, arrange a business conference, or any other business activity in the U.S., you sacrifice hours of your day and potentially the business itself when you try to fulfill the requirements on your own. When you work with us, you can rest assured that we can professionally handle each specific detail of the process, while you can remain focused on the activities of the business.

Infrastructure to Handle Many Various Visas

We are able to assist diverse clients with specific needs though a comprehensive state-of-the-art case management portal that provides a simple and efficient way to implement, execute and monitor visa workflow applications in a familiar and easy-to-use environment. Requiring no programming or database expertise, this dynamic portal provides added value to existing organizational management and operations by linking all necessary process components into a single cost-effective enterprise platform.

Why Legal Help is Vital for Global Mobility

Coordinating any kind of international travel for business is an extremely complicated affair. The more people involved in cross border travel, the more difficult to organize and achieve success. Legal experts who specialize in corporate immigration matters are indispensable in these situations. A failure to properly address international requirements has deeper consequences than a thwarted business opportunity. If the U.S. immigration laws are violated, companies and their employees can face serious civil and criminal liabilities. These kinds of serious penalties will be avoided by a competent corporate law firm who will plan the most accessible and safe route for global mobility.

Why Partner With Us For Your Corporate Immigration

Although our head office is located in Toronto, we have a number of regional offices in major centers throughout the U.S. supported by highly qualified and internationally recognized lawyers licensed in their respective jurisdictions. We maintain a culturally diverse staff who can speak different languages which is essential in the immigration context. Whether dealing with overseas embassies or with clients from diverse backgrounds, having teams who know and understand the cultural nuances of the stakeholders involved is invaluable.

For over 15 years, our corporate immigration department has handled U.S. visa applications for companies in all industries, and assisted thousands and thousands of individuals and companies to smoothly travel to U.S. to do business. Whether you are recruiting a foreign worker from overseas or require a U.S. employee transfer or any other corporate immigration need, we are here to help!