West Kootenay (Trail, Castlegar, Rossland, Nelson), BC For Immigrants: Tips on Settling After Immigration Copy

By Morgan November 15, 2019 3 min. read
West Kootenay Trail, Rossland, Nelson and Castlegar

West Kootenay was selected as one of the cities for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program launched in the spring of 2019. In this case, West Kootenay, which is a region, the individual areas included in the pilot program are: Trail, Castlegar, Rossland and Nelson. Learn more about what makes living in West Kootenay so great!

Where Is West Kootenay?

West Kootenay is located in the Southeastern region of British Columbia. Several mountain ranges run through the area. Nelson has a population of 10,000 people, Castlegar has a population of 9,000, Trail has a population of 8,000 and Rossland has a population of 3,646. Both Nelson and Rossland made the Top 10 List for British Columbia’s most beautiful towns in 2015. All four towns offer a small town atmosphere while surrounded by rugged nature.

Life in West Kootenay:


School District 8 includes Nelson and School District 20 covers Castlegar and Rossland.  Learn about the education options in Trail . Selkirk College is located in West Kootenay and is an excellent post-secondary education option.


The West Kootenay’s have a diverse economy meaning that there are jobs suitable for many differnent backgrounds in this region. Begin looking for jobs in Nelson, Castlegar, Trail and Rossland.

Health Care: 

The first thing to do before attempting access health care services in Vernon, it to secure British Columbia’s medical insurance plan.  Learn more about Nelson’s, Castlegar’s, Trial’s and Rossland’s unique health services.


There is a variety of housing available in Nelson, Castlegar, Trail and Rossland ranging from multi-room family homes to rentals.

Cost of Living: 

Considering the cost of living is an important part of deciding where to immigrate. West Kootenay does generally have a low cost of living compared to other regions of Canada. Learn more about the cost of living in Nelson, Castlegar, Trail, and Rossland.


Nelson is the host of several festivals that celebrate the great outdoors. There are always plenty of outdoor activities to participate in from skiing in the winter to mountain biking in the summer. Learn more about the activities that Nelson offers. Castlegar is strategically located at an intersection of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers. This location offers you amazing outdoor recreational options and easy access to great regional cultural activities including the Doukhobor Discovery Centre and the Brilliant Bridge. Learn more about what Castlegar has to offer. Like Nelson and Castlegar, Trail offers citizens many options for outdoor recreation. However, it is unique in that it is known as British Columbia’s number one sports town. It is the home to the Smoke Eaters hockey team. Learn more about what Trail has to offer. Rossland is located in an extinct crater in the Monashee Mountain Range and during the summer is known as the Mountain Bike Capital of Canada because of the vast network of trails that surround the town. Learn more about what Rossland has to offer.

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