US Customs says man did not gain entry to the United States because of his iPad

By Michael Niren January 6, 2012 (Updated August 7, 2020) 0 min. read
ipad denied entry

iPad not what got man entry to the United States

Earlier this week, we wrote about a Canadian man who said he was able to cross the US border and gain entry to the United States using a scanned passport on his iPad.

As it turns out, the US Customs and Border Protection agency says that the iPad had nothing to so with the man’s ability to get into the United States.

Instead, it was a combination of his driver’s license and birth certificate – which proved his identity and citizenship – that allowed him entry into the United States.

While Canadians must now use passports to gain entry to the United States, there are some ways Canadians without passports can cross the US border such as using an enhanced driver’s license, a trusted traveler card or other forms of approved identification that the US Customs accepts.

US Customs maintains that it does not accept scanned versions of passports.