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Update your Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

By Michael Niren April 10, 2010 (Updated December 9, 2019) 2 min. read
humanitarian and compassionate application

Updating Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

When it comes to Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications or H&C Applications as they are often called, it is important to update them on an ongoing basis. Humanitarian and Compassionate Application cases can take over 2 years to process so there is ample opportunity to update them while they wait in the queue at a CIC office.

Humanitarian and Compassionate applications are, as we have discussed, applications for an exemption from the general immigrant visa requirement of applying for Canadian Permanent Residence from outside of Canada. For H&C applicants, if you can show undue hardship you would likely suffer in your home country should you leave Canada and that you have successfully established yourself in Canada, you may be eligible to make an application from within Canada under Humanitarian grounds.

For more information on Humanitarian and Compassionate applications go here and here.

Once of the reasons that it is important to update your applications is that in the event your Humanitarian and Compassionate application is refused, and you wish to file an appeal, that is, file an application for Leave and Judicial Review, you have to adhere to the court’s strict rules of evidence.

For judicial reviews of Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications, documents that were not submitted and issues that were not discussed in submissions before the decision to refuse the application was made, cannot be raised at the Judicial Review stage.  In other words, no “new evidence” is allowed. Unlike an Appeal at the Immigration and Refugee Board, a Federal Court Judge does not have authority to consider “new evidence”.

Therefore it is essential that you update your Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications within a reasonable time frame (6 months to 1 year) after submission. At our office, we do this by proactively contacting our H&C clients to find out the following information since the original submission:

1. Did the client purchase any new property?

2. Better income and savings since the original application?

3. Establishment of a new business?

4. New relationships formed?

5. How have the children progressed in terms of schooling, friends, community etc?

6.Volunteer work?

7.Community integration?


9. Financial support of family abroad?

When updating an application, it is important to make detailed submissions each time as this will have a great impact on the CIC officer’s assessment of the application when it comes time to decision making. And if there is a refusal, the Federal Court will be able to consider all the “updates” you have made as proper evidence. Updating H&Cs is therefore a winning strategy.

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Arash Sorkhabi

I’m satisfied with the expertise and professionalism with which my case was managed and handled. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the firm for its support. Although it has been a long process time due to Covid, Nadia has always been one of the first people to guide me step by step through the path during this stressful and unprecedented time. I strongly recommend VisaPlace to anyone seeking legal counsel.

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Sarb walia

I am thrilled to share that , We have just got our Permanent residence status under humanitarian and compassionate category. It was great experience to get professional service from visaplace. All team members very knowledgeable, hard worker, polite and professional. Special thanks to Yasmeen Ali, who always guide me through out processs. Its not easy task to get positive output in HM Category. I am highly recommend visaplace for any kind of immigration needs.

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Shannon Wilde

Applying for my E2 Visa was so overwhelming for me. As soon as I engaged VisaPlace all that worry and stress was gone. They guided me through the entire process and set me up for success! I would 100% recommend using them for any of your Visa Needs.

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Julia Rood

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I reached out to them August last year, and today got the confirmation that my permanent residency has been approved. The people I worked with in VisaPlace stuck with me through the whole process, answering any questions and assuaging any fears that I had about the process, my application, or what I needed to do. Even when my anxiety made me snappy (I apologized immediately!) they handled my case and me with professionalism and compassion. Immigration is a stressful, scary process. I wanted professionals who knew the ins-and-outs so that I had the best chance of being able to come to Canada.

And now, I get to stay in Canada with my partner of nearly 10 years, and I couldn’t be happier. I would absolutely recommend this service to anyone who wants immigration help! A big thank you, especially, to Alejandra and Nadia for handling my case. I’m so lucky to have had your help!

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Sanjida Prima

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Alison Pinto

Truly a very systematic, professional and pleasant team. My student file was with Gunjan and Yasmeen. They handled my case so well, always replied to all my queries and really did the best they can to keep me calm during the process. Yasmeen is truly very professional and completed my application in a timely and very organized manner. Would definitely recommend this organization to everyone.

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