Failure to Provide Documents Causes Immigration Failure

Documentation and Canadian immigration application forms

I have from time to time come cross cases which were rejected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada because of applicants failing to provide the necessary documents that were required for their cases when putting together their immigration application forms.  The reasons for this failure in providing the required documents usually fall into the following three scenarios:

  1. The applicant withholds information when it involves criminal, medical and identity issues.
  2. The applicant does not have the required documents and decides to apply without the documents.
  3. The applicant refuses to provide documents as they think it is a violation of their privacy.  Some applicants feel insulted when asked to provide some documents such as information relating to their personal qualifications.

The first scenario is obvious why the immigration application form ends up being sometimes refused.  Issues of criminality, medical and identity need to be disclosed and dealt with properly. A qualified immigration law firm should be able to assist in this regard.

The second scenario of not having the required documents can sometimes be dealt with by providing Immigration Canada with a reasonable explanation as to why they are missing or could not be produced. Showing Canada Immigration that you have made “best efforts” to obtain these documents can go a long way in resolving this issue.

Lastly, if you want to immigrate to Canada or come to Canada to visit, study, or work, you must meet the necessary requirements set out by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  The Canadian government’s request for relevant documents about you should not be taken personally. Rather it is just a way of determining if you in fact qualify for a Canadian Immigrant Visa.  Further, the information that you provide to Citizenship and Immigration Canada is not typically shared with other government agencies or individuals unless there are some national security issues.

Consult with an immigration lawyer when filling out immigration application forms

At the end of the day, immigration to Canada is a privilege not a right. And if you have the documents to show you deserve that privilege, you should have the “right” to immigrate to Canada.  At our law firm, we try to make sure this becomes a reality for our clients. Consult with an immigration lawyer to ensure that your immigration application forms are complete and contain the proper documentation to avoid an immigration failure.

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