Top 10 US Companies Hiring H-1B Foreign Workers

By Ella Bergquist December 13, 2020 1 min. read
H-1B US Companies

The H-1B visa program was introduced to US immigration in 1990 and continues to be a very popular work visa. The program is intended to help American companies fill labor shortages in the US by hiring temporary nonimmigrant work. These positions must be extremely highly skilled which has made many of these companies end up being involved in the computer programming and engineering industry. The H-1B visa program has skyrocketed the United States’ stance on the tech industry in the world.

Regardless of how much harder the H-1B visa has been able to obtain over the last few years under the Trump administration, there are many companies offering H-1B sponsorships.

Which Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers for H-1B Visas?

It isn’t a secret that most of the companies that file for the H-1B visa are located in Silicon Valley. The following 10 companies are the top US employers who hire H-1B visa workers.

CompanyH-1B Filings
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Hiring professionals from outside of the US has helped create more diversity and inclusiveness in the work place.

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