Taking A Canadian Citizenship Test in 2021

By Sierra April 13, 2021 2 min. read

In March 2020, the IRCC suspended Canadian citizenship tests due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With safeguards in place to ensure proper identification, the IRCC has launched a new virtual option for those taking Canadian citizenship tests.

The IRCC has been testing this process over the last few months starting with a small group (roughly 5,000 people) to try it first that already had the in-person citizenship test scheduled prior to the pandemic that might’ve been canceled! All in-person tests and interviews are still canceled, and you must first receive an invite from the IRCC in order to take the citizenship test.

What To Expect During Your Online Citizenship Test

Before the test, those participants will be asked to confirm their identity through personal information, and they will have to take a photo of themselves and their ID documents with a webcam before the test can begin. The online platform will continuously take photos of participants during the test which is a process that has been used to ensure the integrity of other tests that moved online due to the pandemic, such as bar exams or admission tests.

The IRCC will be notifying those invited to take the online test by email.

What If I Don’t Want To Take The Test Online?

You are more than welcome to wait to take the citizenship test in-person but there is no set date when that will be an available option!

Who Can Take The Citizenship Test?

The citizenship test is available to people who:

What Is On The Test?

You will be asked 20 questions (must be completed in 30 minutes) about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s:

Check out the Canadian Citizenship Test Study Guide!

Is The Test Open Book?

Unfortunately no, the Canadian citizenship test is NOT open book and you are expected to study on your own prior to testing! The IRCC will provide you with a complete question and answer guide when beginning the process.

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