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US Immigration Policies set for Change under New Obama Administration

February 19, 2009

US Immigration action plan from President Obama released President Obama recently released an “action plan” for his approach to US immigration law and policies. While it appears that he may be taking a hard look at  NAFTA, it seems that, in the near future, US Immigration regulations may be relaxed for foreign skilled workers who now experience […]

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US Business Visitors What you need to know about B-1 Visas to the USA

February 16, 2009 / /

The B-1 Visa Category If you are planning to travel to the US as a business visitor, you may be admitted without having to apply for a formal US Work Permit. However, upon entry to the US, you have to demonstrate that your activities in the US fall under the B-1 visa category.

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Canadian Immigration Applications may be Reduced: Immigration Minister Kenny

February 13, 2009

Immigration Minister considering lowering Canadian immigration applications As reported in the Globe and Mail, February 11, 2009, Canadian Immigration Minster, Jason Kenny is considering to reduce immigration targets due the slowing economy in Canada.Mr. Kenny said that Canada is planning to receive 245,000 to 260,000 Canadian Permanent Residents next year. This range is roughly the […]

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New Changes to Canadian Citizenship Laws Impact Foreign Born Children

February 11, 2009

New Canadian Citizenship laws for foreign-born children Canadian Citizenship laws will likely be changing over the next few months. These changes will have consequenses for many prospective Canadian citizenship applicants, especially for children born outside of Canada. Generally, these changes have impact both foreign born children adopted by Canadian citizens, as well as children born […]

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Canadian Immigration Vs. US Immigration

February 9, 2009 /

In a Newsweek article from February 16, 2009, Fareed Zakaria sings the praises of the Canadian immigration system contrasting it with what he calls the United States “brain-dead immigration system.” Canada Vs. US: Which Immigration System Is Better? Fareed Zakaria claims that the US “issue[s] a small number of work visas and green cards, turning away from our shores […]

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Labour Market Opinions (LMO) for Canada Work Permits: Recent Changes Effective January 2009

February 8, 2009

Changes to Canada work permits In order to be approved for certain Canada work permits, Canadian employers first have to make an application for a Labour Market Opinion or LMO to Service Canada formally known as Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC). Generally, in order to qualify for an LMO, Canadian employers have to demonstrate, among […]

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Obama’s Aunt’s Immigration Case Reopened

February 3, 2009

President Obama’s Aunt was facing deportation Zeituni Onyango, the half-sister of President Obama’s late father, was instructed to leave the United States four years ago  when her request for asylum from her native Kenya was rejected Just days before Barack Obama’s election, the Bush administration imposed a  rule called “Fugitive Case File Vetting Prior to Arrest” requiring federal immigrations agents […]

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Immigration Consultants and Immigration Lawyers: Who is Who?

February 1, 2009 /

Immigration Consultants Vs. Immigration Lawyers In our Toronto office, we often we get asked about what is the difference between immigration lawyers and immigration consultants. After all, both immigration consultants and immigration lawyers offer services related to helping people with their immigration and visa applications. Many immigration Canada consultants in Toronto and elsewhere are very […]

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Immigration Detention Hearings and Reviews: What you need to know.

January 21, 2009

Immigration detention hearings in Canada Often our law firm gets calls from people who have been “picked up” by the immigration authorities, in Canada known as the Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA). In most cases, such persons are residing in Canada without status, sometimes for many years. These “overstays” usually came to Canada legitimately as […]

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Immigration Consultations soon to be offered by Video and Instant Messaging

January 16, 2009

Video immigration consultations available soon Niren and Associates, Immigration lawyers is proud to announce that in addition to offering personal consulations at our offices in Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo and telelphone consulations,  we will soon be providing Video and Instant Messaging consulations.  This way we can answer your questions in real-time over the computer just like […]

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