Live-in Caregiver Program Changes May Not Solve Backlog

By Michael Niren October 14, 2014 1 min. read

As recently reported by MSN News – Those who represent live-in caregivers are worried due to the federal government proposal to move the program to the new Express Entry immigration system. While the Express Entry system, being implemented in the new year, does provide skilled workers with a path to citizenship, live-in caregiver groups are concerned the move would fail to address a large backlog of caregivers still waiting to come to Canada.

Understanding the Previous Live-in Caregivers Program

Under the current program, live-in caregivers come to work for Canadian families as temporary foreign workers, many of them leaving their spouses and children behind while they establish a life in Canada.

After two years of work, the caregivers are then eligible to apply for permanent residency but that alone can take more than three years.

Christopher Sorio Urges for “a permanent fix.”

Christopher Sorio, the vice-chair for Migrante Canada, a national organization representing Filipino immigrants, told CBC News groups representing live-in caregivers are urging the government to find “a permanent fix.”

“We are urging the government to admit live-in caregivers as permanent residents from the outset,” Sorio said.

Chris Alexander Insists ‘Canada needs caregivers’

‘Canada needs caregivers’ Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said after being asked by CBC News whether the government was considering moving the caregiver program over to Express Entry, Immigration Minister Chris Alexander would not say.

“Wherever we go with the caregiver program, for now we have a very solid proven program with improved protections. There will be that temporary and that permanent aspect,” Alexander continued.

Alexander also noted more live-in caregivers and nannies currently working for Canadian families would see their permanent residency applications approved in 2014.

“This year, we’re processing 17,500 caregiver applications from the backlog which is unprecedented.”

The Current Live-in Caregivers Program Wait Time

The current wait time for 80 per cent of permanent resident applications received under the live-in caregiver program between April 1, 2013 and March 31 is 39 months, according to the government’s citizenship and immigration web site.

We will report more on this and other related immigration stories as the information becomes available.

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