Interested in Immigrating from Singapore to Canada?

By Sam Moser June 2, 2020 2 min. read

Though Canada and Singapore share many common parts of their culture, including the English language, they are very different nations and migrating from Singapore to Canada isn’t altogether straightforward. While Singapore is a single city-state with one of the highest population concentrations in the world, Canada is the second largest nation on the planet and enjoys a great deal of open space and low population density.

Singapore has extremely strict laws and punishments, especially for drug-related offenses, while Canada is moving towards lesser sentences for drug use and more lenient stances on crime. What is more, to become a citizen in Singapore and enjoy all the privileges it necessary to renounce all other citizenship and participate in mandatory government service. Canada has no such restrictions.

If you are interested in migrating from Singapore to Canada, there are several routes you may take. Getting in contact with an immigration lawyer will speed up the process considerably.

Why Move to Canada?

Few nations in the world enjoy the quality of life and the number of social services that Canada has to offer. A person living in Singapore will only have access to the country’s health care system and public education for their children if they are a full citizen.

Those on temporary permits or admitted as noncitizen workers will be left behind. Canada, by contrast gives full citizenship to immigrants each year as thousands of people flow into the country. Given that Canada has a low population growth rate, they have no strict quotas on immigration in the same way that nations like Australia do.

Any person naturalized as a Canadian citizen will have the right to vote in provincial and parliamentary elections, will have access to universal health care, public education, and social security upon retirement. The quality of Canadian social services is some of the best in the entire world.


Going from one nation to another and becoming a full citizen is not meant to be an easy process. Anyone interested in migrating should consider retaining the services of an immigration attorney in order to streamline the process and ensure that your chances of being admitted in Canada are optimal. Just as a real estate lawyer will get you through the complexities of buying a home, so too do Singapore to Canada immigration lawyers assist their clients in understanding the complex language and process of becoming a Canadian citizen.

One of the benefits of retaining immigration lawyers include ensuring that your letters of reference for becoming a citizen conform to the standards of the Citizenship and Immigration department of the government. Attorneys can assist in getting the form filled out in the proper way, drafting the arguments that may be necessary for your entry, and appealing in the event that you are not admitted after first application for Singapore to Canada migration.