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Form I-751 Waiver for US Spousal Sponsorship

By Ella Bergquist November 12, 2020 (Updated November 12, 2020) 3 min. read
Form I-751 Waiver

After marrying a U.S. Citizen a foreign national will get a “conditional” green card allowing them to reside in the United States as a permanent resident. This conditional green card expires in two years and within 90 days before that expiration date, the newlywed must file for a permanent green card jointly or separately. Filing a Form I-751 Waiver will allow the newly married foreign national to remain living in the United States without the help of their US citizen spouse.

Do I Need to File an I-751 Form?

The I-751 waiver is only required for those individuals who married a US citizen and want to stay in the US but can not file for a joint request to get their permanent green card. Typically people that decide to file an I-751 waiver can be those who:

Required Documents for Form I-751 Waiver

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project provided several ways to prove that a marriage was truthful and not fake. The following documents are some examples you can provide to prove your marriage was in good faith.

Each document submitted for proof must be in English or have an English translation attacched. You must also inform the USCIS of your address change within 10 days if you moved out of your spouse’s house. If you send any of these documents by mail make sure to send it through certified mail so you will have proof of receipt.

Process and Processing Time of the I-751 Waiver

  1. Contact legal representation
  2. Gather your paperwork and supporting documents
  3. Your legal representation will make copies
  4. Your legal representation will submit your documents, Form I-751, and filing fee
  5. Your legal representation will receive a receipt notice
  6. The receipt will extend your conditional status for 1 year
  7. The USCIS will schedule your interview
  8. Your representative will prepare you for your interview
  9. You will be asked questions about why you are not filing jointly with your spouse
  10. You will be granted lawful permanent residence in the US

Immigration Lawyer Can Help You File an I-751 Waiver

Most people who want to file an I-751 waiver decide to get legal representation because of the extensive requirements and documents. As you can see during the 10 step process of applying for the I-751 having legal representation is an important step. Getting an immigration lawyer to represent you can ensure you receive the best chance of getting your I-751 approved. Book a consultation today with our immigration professionals to discuss your case!

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Peter Gianakas

I had a great experience with Andrew Diamond from The Visa Place. Andrew was very knowledgable and helped us every step of the way. When we had a discrepancy with my spouse’s Visa Andrew helped us navigate the system in the USA. He even offered to speak directly to the customs and border control officer to help us iron out the situation. Overall the experience was very good and smooth. I highly recommend Andrew and his services at The Visa Place.

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I spoke with Lilly last week and she’s incredible. Very informative and you can tell she definably cares about her job. She wasn’t pushy at all and she’s there to help you figure out if this service is right for you. I’d recommend contacting VisaPlace if you’re thinkin of traveling internationally and you have questions about the different types of permits.

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Krista Sparkes

Extremely satisfied with the professionalism, expertise, efficiency, speed and thoroughness at which my file was managed. Fadi & Danielle are true class acts! Their response times were fantastic (especially during a high-stress period), their quality of work was phenomenal, and their willingness to go the extra mile (without hidden costs, no less!) to prepare me for my work permit interview was unmatched. I strongly recommend VisaPlace to anyone seeking legal counsel as it relates to cross-border services. Highest Regards, Krista

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Very good personal experience with this law firm. I am a Canadian and had overstayed a visa in the US and received a bar. Attorneys and staff were extremely knowledgeable. I was given accurate information with no false hopes. My case was completed and approved 3 months faster than expected. Overall, very satisfied with this firm and would highly recommend them. When you are in need of immigration assistance, it can be grave and critical to get help from someone who can be trusted – this firm is certainly trustworthy and will do whatever they can to get your case approved.

EDIT: Another great experience 5 years later with waiver renewal/lifting of my bar from the US. Very reasonable fees for the challenge of dealing with US immigration during Covid and new immigration laws. Another successful outcome with only a minor snag (not related to lawfirm). My bar was lifted and I am now free to travel to the US at will. Very satisfied.

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Allan Karumazondo

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