How Will US Immigration Look the Rest of 2020?

By Sierra July 7, 2020 1 min. read
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During these unpredictable times and things changing within immigration rapidly, it’s important to be knowledgeable. Knowing how these changes will affect you and/or your family is vital and here at VisaPlace, we try our hardest to keep you updated and informed. 

On Tuesday, June 30th, VisaPlace’s very own Danielle and Fadi hosted a Facebook Live event to talk about the recent proclamation passed in the United States affecting US work visas and alternative options for you to consider. 

Here are a few things covered within the event that you should know!

Suspension of US Work Visas in the US

On June 24th, President Donald Trump signed a proclamation that suspends US work visas until December 31st with possible extension. This was to restrict foreign workers from being employed in the US in response to the surge of unemployment due to the economic shutdown by the Coronavirus.  

Who is Affected by Proclamation?

Those seeking to immigrant through the following visas are affected:

The proclamation also restricts family members/dependents who would accompany workers on such visas. Learn more about the US work visas that are affected by US work suspension.

Who is NOT Affected?

Individuals who have finalized their immigration process and successfully received a US work visa (including visa stamp) are not affected by proclamation meaning your visa cannot be taken from you.


Canadians are not affected by the proclamation simply because a visa is not required to enter the US from Canada. Learn more about Canadians not being affected by the proclamation.


Those who work and hold a job in the food-supply field or work a national interest occupation could be exempt from the proclamation.

Other Work Visa Options

The following work visas are still available for US immigration:

Hire an Immigration Lawyer to Get a US Work Visa

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