How to Spot an Immigration Scam in 2020

By Ella Bergquist December 11, 2019 3 min. read
Immigration Scam

Immigration legal services can be very complex, expensive, and constantly changing. In general, immigrants are already at a disadvantage in finding legal advice and assistance because they are not familiar with the seeking country’s customs, government and laws. Despite continuous efforts, thousands of immigrants fall victim to immigration fraud every year.

How do you spot a company running an immigration fraud operation?

If they’re good at scamming people, you won’t be able to tell right away but here are several red flags for immigration fraud:

These are the most common immigration scams:

Being a victim to immigration scams are devastating to the individual and their families. Before hiring an immigration lawyer or attorney please make sure none of these possible scams jump out at you. Unfortunately, there are many people and companies that offer immigration services for a fee, then run away with their clients’ money, or use their identities for criminal activities. Double check the company’s credentials before ever giving away your information.