How Can You Immigrate to the US under COVID-19?

By Sierra May 15, 2020 1 min. read
US immigration

Here at VisaPlace, we know that right now during this COVID-19 national pandemic, many individuals are on their toes trying to stay on track to reach their immigration goals. Although Coronavirus restrictions have affected US immigration, it is important to stay positive and know what this really means for you.

What is Really Happening in US Immigration Today

Although President Donald Trump has mentioned signing an executive order to suspend immigration to the US, it is vital to know that US immigration is still open as we speak!

Services has been suspended and processing times have delayed due to shortages of staff to help slow down the virus spread. We also know that borders has been closed between Canada, the US, and Mexico but you can STILL start your immigration process.

The USCIS is receiving applications and they are approving cases for all kinds of benefits including visa extensions, visa renewals, changes of status, work authorizations, and processing into the system both green card and citizenship applications.

Conclusively, there is no complete stop or ban to US immigration right now!

Changes That Could Affect You!

Limited In-Person Services

The USCIS has limited in-person immigration services including green card interviews, citizenship interviews, fingerprints, and biometrics. 

Faster Results

The USCIS is waiving fingerprints and biometrics on work authorization renewals which has interestingly led to much faster processing. In as little as 6 to 18 days in some cases!

Green Card Applications

Immigrant Visa Applications are currently on a 60-day hold but some exceptions are being made to some which include:

  1. Individuals married to US residents
  2. Minor children of US citizens
  3. Anyone filing a green card application in the United States (adjustment of status)
  4. People who are in the process of getting a green card
  5. Citizenship is not affected at all.
  6. EB5 is not impacted.
  7. None of the temporary visas from overseas are impacted: H1B, F-1 student visas, B1/B2 visitors, etc. — these are all subject to “normal” processing.

We hope these coronavirus restrictions will change soon and immigration will get back to “normal” but there is still action to take.

Believe it or not, now is the BEST time to apply for US immigration. Contact VisaPlace and speak with an immigration professional to get started on your immigration journey!