Medical Care Options When Visiting the United States or Canada

By Michael Niren June 17, 2013 (Updated December 6, 2021) 4 min. read

You must always be mindful of your health while traveling. People who travel internationally have a 50% probability of contracting a travel-related sickness. While the majority of travel-related illnesses are mild, several highly deadly infectious diseases are prevalent in some places of the globe. All travelers should be well-prepared for their trip and be aware of health risks and precautions to take to avoid illness. There are several things that you should carry with you while traveling in order to prevent any unwanted situations.

Check Health Notices

Before traveling to another country also remember that there may be health notices that you should know about. Checking the CIC website regularly for health notices before your departure will ensure that you are well aware of what’s going on in that country before you leave.

Remember To Always Bring

Traveling with Special Needs or a Disability

If you are traveling with special needs be sure that you notify them of any special needs when booking the flight. This way the airline will have time to ensure that your safety  and comfort are taken care of during your flight. Check with your doctor before booking a flight to ensure that it is safe for you to travel and for you to go through a metal detector or be hand-wanded.

Please be aware that many countries do not have the resources available to them that you may have in your home country.

Older Travelers

All older travelers should be sure to take all their routine vaccines before travelling to another country. Visit your health care provider in order to find out if there are any recommended or required vaccines needed in order to travel.

There are many risks posed to older travelers, be sure to exercise caution while travelling.

What to Do for Medical Attention If You Are In the US

Most travelers are unaware of how expensive medical care is in the United States. If you are planning a trip to the US or are already there visiting from another country and find yourself needing medical treatment, you will want to make sure everything is taken care of correctly with visitor’s insurance.

Visitor Insurance most commonly refers to international travel medical insurance plans designed for international travelers visiting the United States of America. Visitor insurance is ideal for visiting family or friends, vacationing, going on a brief business trip, or any other reason you might find yourself visiting the United States. You will want to do extensive research on which visitor insurance plan and company is best for you and your family before you make your trip to the US.

What to Do for Medical Attention If You Are In Canada

If you’re considering a trip to Canada, keep in mind that healthcare can be costly without adequate coverage, so purchasing visitor insurance should be at the top of your travel to-do list. A basic travel insurance package for Canada covers you in the event of an accident, medical emergency, or travel emergency while you’re in the nation.

Unless you’re applying for a visa, travel health insurance is usually not mandatory, but the Government of Canada encourages visitors to get the right health insurance to cover medical costs before they arrive in the country.

If you get sick or get involved in an accident while travelling in Canada, Canadian government does not pay the hospital or medical services for visitors. You have to pay any medical attention out of your own pocket. When you purchase travel medical insurance ahead of your visit to Canada, the insurance company will pay or reimburse your medical expenses.

Visiting a Physician When Traveling to Canada or the US

When visiting a physician:

  1. Always try to make an appointment ahead.
  2. Bring your
    •    ID
    •    credit card, debit card or cash
    •    travel health insurance policy.
  3. Ask for official proof of your medical exam or treatment including
    •    date,
    •    name of the medical centre or hospital,
    •    medical treatment,
    •    prescribed medication,
    •    doctor’s name and autograph,
    •    fee you had to pay, and
    •    a copy for your own administration.

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