Good news for live-in caregivers: open work permits

By Michael Niren December 21, 2011 0 min. read

Open work permits issued to live-in caregivers

According to this CBC News article, at least 10,000 open work permits have been issued to live-in caregivers (more details here).

Many advocates of live-in caregivers say the move is unprecedented, as the open work permit allows live-in caregivers to come to Canada but not have to be tied directly to the family that sponsored them to come to Canada.

This results in live-in caregivers being able to choose work that is safe for them without having to leave Canada – something live-in caregivers have found difficult in the past, especially if the families that sponsored them were abusive or unfair.

Effectively, the Canadian government has protected the rights of the live-in caregivers while still allowing them to work in Canada.

The Canadian government had not made a public announcement about the open work permits, and the CBC has been unable to get a comment on the issue from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is not yet known if this is a permanent change to immigration policy or just a one-time deal.