5 Ways to Fill Out Your Immigration Application Form Properly

By Michael Niren December 9, 2019 2 min. read
Immigration Papers

How to Fill Our Your Immigration Papers Application Form For Success

When you submit an immigration application form, it will eventually be reviewed by an immigration officer. Immigration officers have a massive amount of immigration papers / application forms to go through on a daily basis, and you don’t want simple mistakes or omissions to result in your immigration application being delayed or worse denied. You want to make it as easy as possible for the immigration officer reading your application, to consider all the facts when reviewing your immigration application form and ensure that they do not have trouble understanding it – which could result in a denial.

Here are some ways to improve your chances by filling out your immigration papers properly:

Tip 1: Fill out every section of the immigration application forms and do not leave anything blank. If something does not apply, write “not applicable” in the space so that the immigration officer knows the immigration application form is fully completed and can review it accordingly.

Tip 2: Follow the instructions regarding which pieces of accompanying documentation are required for each type of immigration application form. Depending on the immigration application form, applicants may have to include resumes, photocopies of their passport, academic transcripts or their birth certificate, among a number of other things. Read the instructions carefully and ensure that each document is included as necessary.

Tip 3: If something is lacking in your application or an item cannot be included, create a cover letter for your immigration application form (much like you would for a resume) explaining to the immigration officer why this item is missing.

Tip 4: Keep copies of all of the documents sent in with your immigration application form, including the immigration application form itself. If you’ve sent your immigration paperwork through a courier, keep a copy of the courier slip. This way if anything goes wrong, you have proof that the immigration application form was sent.

Tip 5: Finally, have a licensed immigration lawyer look over your immigration application forms to make sure everything is properly filled out and in order to avoid costly mistakes – especially if neither English or French is your first language. In some cases, you may want to have a lawyer handle your entire case because once the application forms are submitted, they are in the hands of the immigration authorities. Having an immigration representative gives you the security and protection you may need during the application process.

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