How Express Entry Works for Canadian Immigration 2019

By Michael Niren May 30, 2014 (Updated December 30, 2019) 3 min. read

The Canadian Government has gone ahead with a new system that will allow qualified immigrants to gain ‘Express Entry‘ starting in 2015. This will help fill open jobs for which there are no Canadian workers. Express Entry which used to be known as Expression of interest will be an easier path to Canada that will pick immigrants based on the skills that Canada needs based on those identified by the Government as well as Employers.
Canadian employers would be able to bring in workers through an Express Entry system with a long term goal of remaining in Canada.

This came into effect on January 1st, 2015. Prospective immigrants apply to express their interest in coming to Canada. When they do so they will answer questions about their professional skills, education, languages spoken, etc.

The 2019 Express Entry Immigration Process & Rules

Step 1: Potential candidates fill out an online Express Entry form

Candidates who are eligible for the Express Entry program can complete an online profile which will include various details about themselves, including their skills, their language ability, education and previous work experience, amongst others. Candidates who successfully meet the criteria of one or more of the federal economic immigration programs under Express Entry will then be sorted into a pool of eligible individuals. These individuals will be ranked according to their chances of economic success, and the highest ranking candidates, along with those who have qualifying offers of employment or provincial/territorial nominations (who will automatically receive high rankings), will receive a formal invitation to apply for permanent residency. This way of doing things will allow Canada to pick the best possible candidates who are likely to go on to achieve success, rather than simply picking whoever is next in line. Candidates who do not have a valid job offer or provincial/territorial nomination must sign up to the Government’s of Canada’s Job Bank, so that he or she can be connected to relevant Canadian employers. Eligible employers will need to obtain a free Labour Market Impact Assessment via Employment and Social Development Canada for permanent residence applications. There is no guarantee that candidates who fill out an Express Entry profile will be invited to apply for permanent residence, as this will mainly be determined by their ranking and the other factors mentioned above (offer of employment, provincial/territorial nomination).

Step 2: The Government will invite successful candidates and permanent residency will be processed within 6 months

Those ranking highly in the pool (based on skills, experience, eligible job offers and relevant nominations where applicable) will then be invited to apply for permanent residency, and will have a total of 60 days to submit their electronic application. Electronic applications will be required to be submitted through one of the below programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Most applications will be pushed through swiftly by CIC, with many expected to be completed within six months. Candidates who have applied for the Express Entry program but who are not invited to apply for permanent residency after a year may then resubmit their profile and re-enter the pool, provided they are still eligible for the program. This is to prevent backlogs and allow for quicker processing and turnaround times. According to CIC, the Express Entry program will allow faster and more efficient immigration services to skilled immigrants. The program will also enable the Canadian Government to respond faster to Canada’s evolving economic conditions and changing priorities, and will increase flexibility.

Under the Express Entry Immigration Program:

• Canada will pick the best candidates who are most likely to have success in Canada.

• They will improve the Job Bank

• There will be 14 million dollars invested over the next two years

• Qualified applicants should expect processing times of 6 months or less after they have been invited to Canada.

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