Why would I need a visitor visa to enter Canada?

Visitor visas are necessary for certain travelers to Canada to ensure that they are only in Canada for a temporary period of time and do not remain in Canada to conduct activities that aren’t permitted, such as working or studying. Canadian Visitor Visa Applications 2

Hundreds of thousands of people come to Canada every single year, and some of them require visitor visas. Whether you need to obtain a visitor visa to Canada depends on your country of origin, or country of citizenship.

Some countries’ citizens require visitor visas, while others don’t. A list of these countries can be found here.

What is needed to obtain a visitor visa to Canada?

If you do require a visitor visa to come to Canada, you must obtain and complete the application for a temporary resident visa, as well as be able to provide several supporting documents.

This supporting documentation must demonstrate several things to Canadian immigration authorities, including where you intend to stay in Canada, what you will be doing in Canada as well as your itinerary. You must also provide information about your finances, so that the government knows you are able to support yourself during your stay in Canada.

Another important batch of supporting documentation for a visitor visa is proof that you have strong ties to your home country. This can include information about your assets, close family at home or employment, and this lets Canada know that you are not intending to overstay and you will return home.

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