New Travel Book Explores Vacation Options in Canada

vacation-options-canada-niren-associatesA variety of activities, scenery, and attractions are available for your vacationing pleasure in Canada.  Sadly, there are many vacationers who do not know the options that are available in a Canadian vacation.  Author Noel Hudson, with longtime friend George Fischer, teamed together to help make Canadian vacationers more aware of what is available in their great country in their book titled “Unforgettable Canada: 115 Destinations.”

Book Required Years of Travel

Hudson and Fischer have visited about 75 of the 115 locations that are discussed in the book.  Many were explored separately, and some together.  It took approximately 15-20 years of travel to collect all the information found in the book.  Now in its third edition, the book has expanded from 100 destinations.  In order to add the additional 15 destinations, Hudson and Fischer split up on their travels.  Hudson vacationed in the Prairies, while Fischer drove the Dempster highway visiting the Yukon and Northwest Territories.   Hudson’s most recommended place to travel is the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, the home of Gros Morne National Park.

Something for Everyone

Hudson tried to strike a balance between longer trips and smaller activities, and therefore the book has something to offer everyone no matter their budget or time constraints.  This book explores the country from all parts.  It tells you where you can:

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