Canadian Immigration Scam: Paying for Employment

By Morgan September 26, 2019 3 min. read

Legal immigration at times can seem to be an overwhelming, long and difficult journey. As a result, some people wonder if there might be an easier way. This desire to make the process easier can lead to people being caught in illegal immigration scams which can severally limit their actual chances of immigration. Immigration fraud as the result of scams is a large issue in Canadian immigration. An immigration scam is any scheme that promises to provide an individual with a way into Canada in exchange for money without the attempt to legally help the individual enter Canada. While there are many different immigration scams to be cautious of, this article will explore one scam: faking job status in Canada in order to obtain a work permit and ultimately permanent residency.

Can I Pay To Have Job Found For Me In Canada?

While it is possible to hire a headhunter that can help you search for a job legally, it is important to remain vigilant when hiring companies that promise to deliver a job and a work permit to you for a set fee. You should be extremely weary of these types of claims. While companies often seek to fill positions with qualified candidates who live out side of Canada, they are not expecting you to pay them for the job. If you are speaking with an agency that wants you to pay the company for the job, you might want to consider speaking with an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers can help you determine if the job you have been offered is legitimate or if you need to continue your search.

Example: Toronto Immigration Consulting Firm Commits Immigration Fraud

An extreme example of this has recently come to light. A Toronto immigration company, WonHonTa Consulting, specialized in helping hopeful immigrants buy jobs and pay their own wages. The company claimed to have Canadian employers that worked with the firm and that were willing to sponsor immigrants, for a fee. However, as an investigation showed, the proffered job was fake. The price tag for this fake job was around $180,000. The consulting firm offered a variety of jobs from welding to daycare and claimed to work with head hunters as well as government officials. The scam worked by telling individuals that due to the increase in the demand for these jobs, the employers were expecting lager and larger fees in order to high the individual. The scam went a step further and even told individuals that they did not need to actually work for the company because, for a fee, the company would create a paper trail and the indivuals would then pay their own wages.

When caught for this immigration scam, the company complained about being caught for a scheme they implied that other immigration firms were engaing with as well.

How To Protect Yourself From Canadian Immigration Fraud:

In genral, the rules of immigration are complex and ever changing which places the immigrant at a distinct disadvantage. However, you can protect yourself from immigration scams. If you think that you might have fallen victim to an immigration scam, read more about what you can do now after the fact.

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