Canadian Embassy in Eritrea – Asmara

By Michael Niren November 17, 2008 0 min. read

Canadian Embassy in Eritrea – Asmara

Street Address:
Consulate of Canada
Abeneh Street 745
House # 152/154, Tiravolo
Asmara, Eritrea

Mailing Address For Canadian Embassy in Eritrea:

The Consulate of Canada
P.O. Box 3962
Asmara, Eritrea

Tel.: (+291-1) 186490, alternate 181940
Fax: (+291-1) 186488, alternate 184241


Additional information about this Canadian Embassy in Eritrea:

While trade is limited between the two countries, there is a significant Eritrean community in Canada. Census data is limited because many Eritreans identify as Ethiopian, but in the early 1990s an estimated 6,000 Eritreans lived in Canada, most of whom in Toronto. Smaller communities also exist in cities like Winnipeg and Quebec City.

Should You Contact a Lawyer First…?

It is important to remember that when applying for Canadian Immigration, you are required to submit your application to the Canadian Embassy of your nationality. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. You should always contact an immigration lawyer to assist you with the procedures associated with the Canadian Embassy of your region because the Canadian Embassy in Eritrea may have its own set of special rules and procedures.

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