You Need This to Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Test

Are you studying for your Canadian Citizenship test? If you are, you’re most likely going to be reading Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, the one and only official third party study guide designed for newcomers.

The guide is completely free, and provides everything you need to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test, along with sections on:

  • The history and regions of Canada
  • How the Canadian government works, and;
  • The various symbols of Canada

Recommended for Those Taking the Canadian Citizenship Test

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship‘ is provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), which states:

“If you have applied for citizenship and are preparing for the citizenship test, your primary resource should be the official study guide. If you use any other material to prepare for the citizenship test, you do so at your own risk.”

The guide is available in print, electronic and audio format, and although CIC note that there are very minor differences in each, these will not affect your ability to prepare for your citizenship test.

Study Questions

Along with important information on the Oath of Canada, modern Canada, the Canadian justice system, and Canada’s history and current economy, the guide will also provide you with some helpful study questions.

The guide states:

One of the basic requirements of citizenship is to demonstrate that you have adequate knowledge of Canada. The citizenship test is used to assess your knowledge of Canada and the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen in Canada. All the citizenship test questions are based on information provided in this study guide. You will be asked about facts and ideas presented in the guide.” 

The questions included are all very similar to what you will be asked on your Canadian Citizenship test, so it’s wise to use these to get some practice in. If you find you get most of the questions right, it could be a good indicator that you will be able to pass the actual citizenship test.

Further Guidance

If you think you’re in need of further guidance, ‘Discover Canada’ also provides a section to help you find other resources so that you can be fully prepared for the Canadian Citizenship test. This includes help searching for citizenship classes in local schools, colleges and community centres, as well as how you can find further books and videos about Canada.

Some of the recommended library reading includes:

  • Canada: A Portrait (Statistics Canada)
  • The Canada Yearbook (Statistics Canada)
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia
  • Canada: A People’s History (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • How Canadians Govern Themselves (Eugene Forsey)
  • A Crown of Maples (Canadian Heritage)
  • Symbols of Canada (Canadian Heritage)

Are you Preparing to Sit the Canadian Citizenship Test?

You can download the full guide from CIC here.

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