Canadian Immigration News: September 29, 2017

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Canada Immigration News

On Wednesday, September 27th, the US Customs and Border Patrol agents spent the day stopping every single car traveling on I-93 southbound at an immigration checkpoint. This is the second time in the last few months that drivers on 93 south have been stopped and asked about their citizenship. Last month in August 25 people were detained, three of them being minors. What is surprising many people is the fact that these searches and interrogations are happening 75 miles south of the Canadian border in Woodstock, New Hampshire. “There hasn’t been a checkpoint operated by the border patrol in that spot for the last five years, but we were told by the border patrol agent that following an executive order from the Trump administration they are going to increase the frequency of these stops,” said Todd Bookman, a reporter for the New Hampshire Public Radio. The Customs and border patrol have not released numbers of arrests or detainments from this September checkpoint. Immigration specialists are encouraging people to not try to cross borders if you do not have the proper documents because even if you get by the border you’re still not completely safe.

US border Patrol

The North American Free Trade Agreement has been in the works for renegotiation. The Canada’s chief negotiator said that the rework is progressing well even though the United States has yet to make a detailed proposal. Steve Verheul said that the tone remains constructive and there’s no signal the U.S. will walk away from the NAFTA. “We’re making good solid progress,” Verheul said. “The endgame is always the hardest part and impossible to predict.” A Canadian labor group called on the U.S. to start treating Canada’s labor proposals more seriously. “The Canadian government is not kidding around in terms of their labor proposals. This is strong stuff,” Christopher Monette, director of public affairs for the Teamsters Canada union, said. “We think it needs to be taken more seriously by U.S. negotiators.” NAFTA has brought many low-skilled immigrants into Canada and the US which some argue increases the economy. Without NAFTA many visas that work under the program may be at risk such as the TN visa.


Other Canadian Immigration Stories This Week:

  1. Detention of Mexican nationals spikes: Liberal visa reversal adds to Canada’s border crisis

  2. Ukraine ready to work with Canada on issue of visa-free travel

  3. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Willing to Revise Visa Requirements for Costa Ricans

  4. Where do German parties stand on refugees, asylum, and immigration?

  5. America’s Mishandled Immigration Policy Is Canada’s Gain

  6. Immigrants touched by Mexico quake, try to help from afar

  7. Hold departure order out vs 4 more frat men

  8. The quest for Amazon HQ2: Detroit-Windsor bid could be attractive

  9. Cap on refugee sponsorships means Syrians in Canada remain separated from family members

  10. US expands travel ban to include N Korea

  11. What is Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim travel ban’, is there a ban on laptops on flights and which countries are affected?

  12. Canada Nafta Negotiator Sees More Movement Than Labor Leader

  13. Liberal government has spent upwards of $13.7M on sponsored Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts

  14. No special programme for teachers under Canada’s express entry

  15. Chelsea Manning, Whistleblower Who Exposed US War Crimes, Barred from Canada


  17. China Denies Visa to 101-year-old Indian Runner a.k.a. ‘Miracle from Chandigarh’

  18. Canada Stresses It’s Not Place For Migrants in US Losing Protection to Flee

  19. Canadian MBA programs take advantage of surging international applications

  20. Liberals working on apology for 1939 decision to refuse ship of Jewish refugees

  21. Border Patrol conducts immigration checkpoint 75 miles from Canadian border

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