Temporary Resident Visa

By Michael Niren November 3, 2009 (Updated December 19, 2019) 2 min. read

We are often approached by people wishing to come to Canada as visitors from all over the world. Many people are surprised to hear that getting a Canadian visitor visa, properly known as a Temporary Resident Visa, can be a challenge.

Steps for Applying for a Canadian Visitor Visa

In order to qualify, applicants have to prove to Canadian visa officers at their Consulates or Embassies that they are suitable candidates for the visa. What visa officers are required to consider in making decisions on whether to grant or deny visitor visa applications are as follows:

  1. Whether the applicant will return to his or her home country after his or her visit to Canada is complete.
  2. Whether they have sufficient ties to their home countries as grounds for leaving Canada on time.
  3. Whether they have sufficient funds to support themselves during their visit to Canada.
  4. Whether they have a place to stay in Canada during their visit.
  5. The intended duration of their visit and whether they have visited Canada in the past.

Each of these above factors is carefully evaluated before making a decision. Therefore, applicants who tend to be successful with their Canadian visitor visa applications include documentation and information that show how and why they qualify under these factors. Information such as ties to their home country, family, employment, savings, etc., is often crucial in determining the outcome of a visa application. Generally, a well-documented, carefully prepared application has a much better chance of success than an application hastily assembled. If you are lucky enough to get approved for a Canadian visitor visa, you will notice whether your visa is “single entry” or “multiple entry.” Single entry visas are for a one-time trip to Canada only. Multiple entry visas allow the applicant to travel to Canada as many times as he or she wishes during the validity of the visa. Often the strength of the application will determine whether the Canadian visitor visa will be issued for single or multiple visits to Canada.

Have You Been Denied for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

If your application for a Canadian visitor visa is refused, you have the option to appeal other decision to the Federal Court of Canada. Appeals are generally difficult to succeed on so do not count on this route. Rather, a reapplication may be your best bet if you are able to address the concerns of the visa officer who originally refused your case. If you have been denied a Canadian visitor visa, it is important that you get the help of an experienced immigration professional.

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