How To Appeal an Immigration Decision

By Michael Niren May 9, 2012 1 min. read

Was your immigration application refused? Appealing may be an option

From time to time – and for many different reasons – an immigration application is denied. But that doesn’t mean that your chance of immigration to Canada is gone forever. You have several options and can appeal an immigration decision. Appeal an Immigration DecisionImmigration officers use a set series of guidelines to determine whether your application meets the requirements to immigrate to Canada. Sometimes, the officers make mistakes or don’t take everything into consideration.

Depending on the case you can:

How Can I Appeal An Immigration Decision?

How you appeal an immigration decision depends greatly on several different factors. It depends on what type of immigration application it is, as well as where it was filed – in Canada or at a Canadian Embassy outside of Canada, for example.

What to know when Appealing an Immigration Decision

The most important thing to know when you need to appeal an immigration decision, is that you only have so much time to appeal. Depending on the application, you may only have as little as 15 days to appeal. A licensed immigration lawyer can help you determine the best avenue for your appeal to give you the best chance for success! Remember, if you get a refusal, do NOT delay!