3 Canadian Illegal Immigrants Myths

By Michael Niren December 19, 2011 1 min. read

This week’s list of 3 Untrue Immigration Myths has a focus on illegal immigrants, which are often subject to much prejudice in Canada.

Canadian Illegal Immigrants Myths

The following myths are untrue however, are commonly passed off as legitimate arguments:

Illegal Immigrants Myth 1.  Illegal Immigrants Are Criminals

Illegal immigration is a fact of life in most countries, including Canada. But illegal immigrants are not committing any crime, because the Canadian Criminal Code doesn’t list it as a crime – anywhere. Sometimes, immigrants have no choice and face persecution, rape, death, war or worse and have no choice but to be illegal while they try to get their lives on track.

Illegal Immigrants Myth 2. Drain on Canada’s Social Services and Take Jobs

Illegal immigrants cannot work legally, cannot enroll in educational courses lasting longer than six months, must pay for health care even in a costly life-threatening emergency and cannot get welfare or disability payments. These exclusions also extend to people who have allowed their work or study permit to expire or have been visiting Canada and have been in the country for less than six months.

Illegal Immigrants Myth 3. Illegal Immigrants do not pay taxes

Illegal immigrants cannot work legitimately and therefore cannot pay income taxes. However, they may pay property taxes as well as all applicable sales taxes – while still being ineligible for all of the services and benefits these taxes actually pay for.

Illegal immigrants don’t have it easy in any way in Canada, despite the myth that they do. If you are living in Canada with no status or are an illegal immigrant in Canada, you may have options such as filing a humanitarian and compassionate grounds application, and an immigration lawyer can help you find which one is right for you.

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