Security Inadmissibility to the US

There are different types of security in the United States. These include:

US Border Security

The priority task of the Border Patrol is to detect and prevent terrorists and terrorist weapons from entering the United States between ports of entry. Some of the main activities include maintaining traffic checkpoints along highways leading from border areas, conducting city patrol and transportation check, and anti-smuggling investigations.


Linewatch operations are conducted near international boundaries and coastlines in areas of Border Patrol to prevent illegal entry and smuggling of illegal immigrants into the United States and to arrest those who do enter illegally before they can escape from border areas.

Traffic Checkpoints

Traffic checkpoints are conducted on major highways leading away from the border to detect and apprehend illegal immigrants attempting to travel further into the United States after dodging detection at the border and also to detect illegal narcotics.

Marine Patrol

The Border Patrol conducts border control from the decks of marine craft along the coastal waterways of the United States and Puerto Rico and interior waterways common to the United States and Canada.

US Airport Security

Airport Security in the United States is extremely diligent due to past terrorist attacks and attempts. The US airport security is made up of several techniques and methods that someone must past in order to fly into or out of the United States. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) works closely with international airports to ensure safety for their travelers. If you are flying from any of the last-point-of-departure airports into the U.S., you may experience a more extensive screening process and should prepare for additional screening of your property and personal electronic devices. We recommend arriving early to the airport to allow enough time for the screening process.

There are several items that you can not bring on an airplane and if you do attempt to bring such things you may be deemed inadmissible: fireworks, flares, hand grenades, dynamite, pool chlorine, liquid bleach, fire extinguishers and torch lighters also are banned. All of these present a danger of explosion in the body of the plane.

US Homeland Security

The Department of Homeland Security’s main goal is to secure the nation from the threats we face. It was designed to oversee and coordinate a comprehensive national strategy to safeguard the country against terrorism and respond to any future attacks.

According to the DHS mission statement, the agency has five core homeland security goals:

  • Prevent terrorism and enhance security
  • Secure and manage U.S. borders
  • Enforce and administer U.S. immigration laws
  • Safeguard and secure cyberspace
  • Ensure resilience to disasters

People Who Have Been Denied Entry to the US

Amy Winehouse

British singer banned from the USA in 2009 for drug convictions and for assault. A year and a half after she had been barred from entering the country in 2007 to attend the Grammys due to a drug rap, U.S. authorities refused to grant her a work visa in 2009 to perform at the Coachella festival. She was ordered to appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates Court to face a common assault charge (dating from September 2008) on 17 March 2009. Winehouse had been previously prohibited from playing in the U.S. after she was arrested in Norway on a drug charge, and ended up performing live via satellite.

Lily Allen

In 2007, the pop star’s bid to crack the US market was dealt a heavy blow when she had her American working visa revoked following her arrest for assaulting a photographer in London. She had been cautioned for common assault over the incident. And when attempting to fly from Australia to the US later that year, Allen was searched and detained for five hours at Los Angeles airport.

Luke Angel

A British teen who sent a curse-laden e-mail message to the White House directed at President Barack Obama and was subsequently banned for life from entering the United States. Bedfordshire Police visited Angel at his home in Silsoe, Bedfordshire, and Angel, who was 17 at the time of the incident, admitted to sending the e-mail, although he claimed he could not remember what he wrote. No criminal action against Angel was taken in the UK.

Alexi Ogando

Major League Baseball player (relief pitcher) admitted his involvement in an immigration marriage fraud ring. He was banned in 2009 from entering the United States for five years, limiting him to winter ball, the Dominican Summer League and international tournaments.

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