Will There Be a Federal Skilled Worker Express Entry Draw in 2021?

By Casey September 13, 2021 (Updated September 22, 2021) 4 min. read

About every two weeks, Canadian immigration conducts at least one Express Entry Draw. So far throughout the year 2021, we have seen no Federal Skilled Worker draws. Prior to the pandemic, FSWP candidates received nearly half of all ITAs.

Unlike the CEC or PNP draws we’ve seen an abundance of so far this year, the FSW draws pull applicants from the Express Entry pool who meet the requirements of the Federal Skilled Trades Program. In general, these candidates have a lower CRS score than the rest of the pool.

To make up for the gap in 2020, the Canadian government set even higher immigration targets for 2021. In October of 2020, the Canadian government stated its plan to welcome 401,000 permanent residents by 2021, up from 351,000 before. From January to the end of July, Canada admitted 184,215 permanent residents, according to data from Canada’s immigration department. This means it is possible that Canada will meet its permanent resident target for 2021 so long as the pandemic doesn’t escalate throughout the remainder of the year.

Why Haven’t There Been Any FSW Draws This Year?

There are a couple of main reasons as to why we have only seen CEC and PNP draws in 2021 – the first being the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s safer for Canada to not allow new people into the country while the pandemic is happening. IRCC has done this in an effort to accept Express Entry candidates who are most likely already in Canada, avoiding the difficulties that arise with inviting candidates living in other countries during the pandemic.

Another reason is that temporary residents may help the country’s recovery time from the pandemic quicken. Throughout the pandemic, the Canadian government has emphasized the need for immigration in assisting with economic recovery.

When Will the Next FSW Draw Happen?

We can expect the Federal Skilled Worker draws to begin to take place again once the pandemic is under control. We know this because between July and December of 2020 the pandemic began to slow and we saw some FSW draws. It is impossible for us to predict an exact time these draws will resume because we do not know when the pandemic will come to an end.

With all this in mind, we hope to see some all-program draws in the latter half of 2021.

What Will the Minimum Score Be For the Next Federal Skilled Worker Draw?

There is no way to predict the exact minimum score for the next FSW draw – it will all depend on how many people are invited. The minimum score required on the last FSW invitation round on December 23rd, 2020, was 468 points.

What Should I Do While I Wait for the Next FSW Draw?

While you wait for the next Federal Skilled Worker draw to take place, you will want to take the time to improve your CRS score. This will allow you to rank higher in the Express Entry pool and increase your chances of being chosen.

If you want to immigrate as fast as possible and can not wait for a Federal Skilled Worker draw then there are some other options. Your first step is to book a consultation with an experienced immigration consultant who will determine which option is best for you and your unique case.

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP draws are still occurring under Express Entry. There are typically about two PNP draws every month allowing hundreds of immigrants to become Permanent Residents in Canada. Learn more about the Provincial Nominee Program and if you are qualified.

Family Immigration

If you have a family member living in Canada, you may be eligible to be sponsored to become a Canadian permanent resident. Learn more about Family Immigration to Canada.

Study to Permanent Residency

Many people use study permits as the perfect path to permanent residency in Canada. There are several programs that allow recent graduates of a Canadian university to become Permanent Residents. Learn more about Study to Immigrate.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP)

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) works to recruit newcomers to the Atlantic provinces giving a pathway to permanent residency to skilled foreign workers. If you are a skilled worker looking to immigrate to an Atlantic province, this may be the path for you!

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