Will Canadians require a US Visa to enter the United States?

By Michael Niren February 3, 2011 1 min. read

US Senator suggest Canadians should need a US visa to enter the United States

An influential United States Senator has proposed that discussion begins between the United States and Canada on whether Canadians should require visas to enter the United States for security reasons.

Almost immediately, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney told the press on Parliament Hill that, “Canada and the United States have always been visa-free for bilateral travel of our nationals. I have no reason to believe that will ever change. It would be massively problematic from an economic perspective.”

The idea arose after a report on the United States-Canada border was released that said the United States did not have the capability to properly secure the majority of the border.

Canadians that need a US visa to enter the United States

There are some Canadians who may need a visa to enter the United States, including the E, A, G, V and the K-series of visas. These people include treaty traders under NAFTA, fiances of of US citizens and their children, spouses of lawful permanent residents and their children, foreign government officials and employees of international organizations when entering the United States on an assignment.

The controversy is not about Canadians needing visas for these categories but rather for US visitation. Let’s hope nothing comes of it.

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