I’m a Canadian, Can I Volunteer in the US?

By Ella Bergquist October 7, 2019 (Updated November 25, 2019) 2 min. read

Recently, a Saskatoon man was stopped from entering the US. Kyle Kuchirka, a Canadian Citizen, tried to cross the US border to volunteer at an arts festival in Washington state. Kyle wasn’t coming to the US to work or to stay but simply to volunteer. He was still denied entry and banned from entering the US for five years.

Do I Need a Visa to Volunteer in the US?

In many situations, no. Typically, a Canadian can enter the US to volunteer as long as that person was not being compensated for their time. In Kyle Kuchirka’s case, he was not only denied entry for attempting to volunteer but he was also banned from the US for five-years.

The Canadian Citizen was taken into a large US customs building at the border and questioned for more than four hours. Once the officer was finished questioning him the customs officer handed him a document that stated “You do not have work authorization”. Kyle explained many times he was only volunteering and not being compensated for his work only given free meals. Kyle said that a guard told him that he was going to be taking American jobs.

Kyle Kuchirka was not a security threat, he did not have a criminal record.

The Canadian Citizen of Saskatchewan can appeal his ban from the US but his legal fees and application are estimated to cost more than $3,000.

Immigration Lawyer for US Denied Entry from Canada

We recommend whenever you are planning on crossing borders you should consult an immigration professional. If Kyle had legal representation he would have known before getting to the border that he would need work authorization or at least a lawyer when issues arose.

Here at VisaPlace we can provide both US and Canadian immigration lawyers that would help for denied entry case.

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