The Mission of the Caravan for Peace

Caravan for PeaceThe Caravan For Peace with Justice and Dignity is a movement to bring awareness to the devastating repercussions of the War on Drugs and the effect it has had on the population of Mexico and other groups residing on the border of the United States and Mexico. The Caravan started in Tijuana on August 12th and is now making its way to Washington, DC.

Since the inception of the War on Drugs in 2006, there have been thousands of migrants that have been killed, executed, or kidnapped. The numbers are astounding:

• 60,000 Killed

• 10,000 Disappeared

• 160,000 Displaced

The Caravan is being led by Javier Sicilia. Javier is a Mexican poet who lost his son in 2011. Javier has led two previous Caravans within Mexico, and this is his first with a hundred others that will reach Washington DC after making several stops in cities along the way.

The Caravan leads by the mission to bring about “a friendly but critical dialogue to guarantee justice and dignity, and through this, a much-needed peace.” More of the mission can be explored by visiting

The Caravan is traveling with the hopes of working with each side of the border and examining both the Mexican and American immigration agents as well as the U.S. drug policy. The focus is to restore the safety and well-being of the migrant population within the border region. The common practices of incarceration and criminalization is just paving a more hostile environment. Furthermore, these practices are leading to a bleak future for the next generation. The Caravan is hoping for cooperation and change as it travels across the country for the purpose of peace.

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