Why Immigrants Settle in Toronto? Here are 10 Reasons.


10 Reasons Immigrants Settle in Toronto

Toronto is a great place live. Many native Torontonians sadly take our fair city for granted.  Sometimes it take recent immigrants to remind us about how good we have it. Many immigrants have come from places which are lacking in basic infrastructure, culture and general standard of living. They cherish their new found home and remind us vets of why Toronto is a major immigration destination worldwide.

True, Toronto, while like many large cities has its share of problems: high taxes, pollution, congestion etc. However, unlike many of its counter-parts, Toronto has some unique benefits not found in other North American cities. So let’s highlight our “Toronto Top Ten:”

1. Residential Neighborhoods in the heart of the city. What city boasts residential real estate next to city living? Unlike places like New York you can have it both ways in Toronto. Big cities, good schools and parks rolled into one.

2. Low Crime Rate: Toronto is known for its low crime. When a violent crime occurs it makes the news–usually the front page.

3. Harmonious multicultural population. So many people from different backgrounds all living and working together. If only the rest of the world was like that.

4. Economic hub. Here’s where the merger and acquisitions, head offices, and big law firms reside. (too many lawyers: mmm, maybe that’s not a good thing)

5.  Great cuisine and entertainment. Next to New York, Los Angeles, and London, Toronto is the largest centre for the Arts in the world. The Toronto Film Festival attracts the “IT crowd” from Hollywood every year.

6. Cheap Residential Real Estate. Ok I am going to get a lot of flack for this one. But when compared to other cosmopolitan cities, Toronto housing prices are indeed more affordable. Believe it or not.

7. Government stability. Again a controversial one. But compared to other places especially outside the US and Canada, Toronto is virtually corrupt-free.

8.  A true cosmopolitan city. Toronto’s multiculturalism combined with its economic clout translates into a world class affair on the scale of New York, Paris and London.

9. Stable Climate. Yes its cold in the winter and humid in the summer here. But hurricanes, tsunamis  and earthquakes are things virtually foreign to Torontonians. Let’s keep it that way.

10.  People. After all a city is it’s people. Torontonians are busy; they are rushed and sometimes reserved. But they are nice to the core, tolerant and accepting. Smile and they will smile back 🙂

Michael Niren

About Michael Niren

Michael is a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto. He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section and the Associate Member of the American Bar Association. Read more

  • bob

    Smile back 🙂

  • Ki

    All of Canada has a very bad and disjointed job market. However, some provinces and cities are better than others. Calgary and Edmonton, the rest of Alberta are good. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is good. One of the social, economic, politically bad places would be Victoria BC Canada. BC really means British Columbia, but the crappy jobs, bad pay, uptight social life made some people joke about BC meaning Bring Cash. You will not earn money, not save any money or make any friends in BC. It will be low pay and high expenses for you and others before you.

    Victoria BC Canada is good as a 1-2 week vacation, and it can be lots of fun if you bring your own money to play with. Don’t get that confused with living long term there, which is not as fun. Due to the local culture (economics, social, politics, etc) the city metropolitan region is very uptight, restricted, cliquey. Your merits don’t matter if you don’t have connections, same memberships in something as other people. People have said Victorians are lacking in passion and personality, quiet and dull like at a funeral, real zombies. Unless your bring your family fortune, and friends with you, you will most likely end up poor, friendless, and bored like the others before you. If you are looking for long term with lots of good jobs, big money, and lots of fun friends with money to do things, Victoria BC (Bring Cash) is not Calgary, Edmonton Alberta, Saskatoon Saskatchewn. British Columbia means Bring Cash. You should read the other people’s comments on http://www.ratemyemployer.ca, http://www.topix.com (victoria bc canada section), http://www.yelp.com, http://www.thedirty.com, Yahoo Answers, etc. Not knowing any inside knowledge leaves you at a disadvantage.

  • Martha

    I just got my PR and intend to land in Toronto in Feb. Thanks for the helpful article, cant wait to visit!

  • I have visited Toronto. Its a best place to live. If god will ask me to where to born in next birth, Toronto will my first choice.

    • Michael Niren

      That is a nice thing to say. Toronto is a major immigration destination for a reason

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