How to Sponsor a Refugee to Canada

By Michael Niren December 9, 2019 1 min. read

Sponsor A Refugee

Although Canada is a peaceful country and we have freedom of speech, freedom to do as we please and have the ability to lead a rather normal life it isn’t so for many people all around the world. When a country is stricken with war and famine all someone could ever dream of is ending up in a country where they don’t have to fear for their lives anymore.

The Government of Canada has made it possible to sponsor a Refugee. You are able to sponsor a refugee for up to 3 years. While they are here you would provide them with all necessities and financially support them.

Would you like to help someone in need?

This is a great opportunity to help someone and their family escape the situation they are facing in their home country. Please keep in mind that the individual being sponsored must pass medical exams and have police clearance. A group of 5 or more Permanent Residents over the age of 18 are eligible to sponsor the individual. If you do make the decision to sponsor a Refugee you must be there to emotionally them for the duration of their stay.

We are here to help you to Sponsor a Refugee to Canada!

Here at Niren and Associates we are dedicated to helping you help others. Please give us a call and we will be more than glad to assess your situation. We are here to help!

Effective October 19, 2012, community sponsors may only sponsor applicants who are recognized as refugees by either the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees or a foreign state.