Family Sponsorship Immigration: Secrets to Applying

By Ella Bergquist May 8, 2018 3 min. read
Sponsor Family Member to Canada

Family sponsorship is a way to reunite families in Canada. In fact, the Canadian government believes in keeping families together, and prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications.

Your relatives can live, study and work in Canada if they become permanent residents of Canada. You can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada if you’re:

There are only three types of relatives that are eligible to be sponsored by a Canadian:

  1. Spouse or common-law partner and
  2. Dependent children under 22 years of age who are not married or in a common-law relationship
  3. Parents and grandparents

Sponsoring a family member to Canada isn’t always easy but with the right guidance it can be quick and easy. If you follow these basic secrets to a successful family sponsorship then you could have a successful application.

Top Secrets To Remember Before Applying for Family Sponsorship Immigration

1. Read the Instruction Guide to Sponsoring a Family Member to Canada

You will receive an application package which will have three items included: an instruction guide, forms to fill out, and a document checklist.

It is extremely important to read that instruction guide because it will show you if you are eligible to sponsor a family member and which members you may be able to sponsor.

2. Receiving Legal Help for Family Class Sponsorship

We always recommend receiving legal help from a professional immigration lawyer to ensure you have zero mistakes on your application. There are so many documents including both forms that you will need to fill and sign out as well as a whole other set for the person you are sponsoring.

The sponsor must fill out and sign these forms:

The person being sponsored must fill out and sign these forms:

If you have even one mistake on your application on any of these forms you could have to re-apply or be completely denied for Family Class Sponsorship. This is why it is so important to contact an immigration lawyer to review your documents and help you through this process.

3. Tell the Truth on Your Family Sponsorship Application

You should always tell the truth on your applications about you and the family member you are sponsoring. All information must be true on your application or else you could have your application denied and banned from sponsoring any family members in the future. Some of the things to check before applying to make sure they are up to date and current: marital status, age, education, criminal background, medical history, etc.

4. Contact Your Lawyer or the IRCC for Changes in Case

To avoid any delays or denials in processing your sponsorship application make sure your contact information and your application details are up-t0-date. You must notify your lawyer or IRCC for any changes in items such as:

Contact an Immigration Lawyer for Family Class Sponsorship

With over 15 years experience specializing in helping to reunite families from across the world, we know what immigration officers are looking for when reviewing a sponsorship application. We have helped thousands of individuals to successfully get Canadian permanent residence through family sponsorship, and we can help you too! Book your consultation with our professional immigration lawyers now!