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  • "I have experienced the most professional and most efficient immigration services at Niren Associates, I have used the Niren for my work permit previously and was amazed with the results, this time with TRV it was no different. I will retain Niren Associates to help me with my PR card and will recommend to all my friends and relatives. Shabnam and Amy have always been available to answer my questions, provide proper direction and support. They have made the entire process seamless. I am so glad my employer put me in touch with Shab as she really took control over my matter. I have dealt with other law firms in the past and the service I receive here is simply out of this world. No question or concern of my was left unanswered. In fact, as soon as I sent an email a response was send back with a very detailed answer. Don’t know how they do it but I can only say how great the entire experience has been."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Paul L

  • "I got my TN visa, and I'd like to thank you and Fadi all the effort you put in, I appreciate it very much!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Gabrielle

  • "Chantelle, Thank you so much for all of your assistance in regards to my H4 Visa. I had no issues at the border and am now securely in the US. I will be in contact with the firm in the future when I am prepared to seek employment (and thus getting an H1B visa). I sincerely appreciate everything the Niren and Associates has done for me. Regards!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Lori S

  • "Wanted to give thanks to you personally for carrying me through this particular uncommon experience. I am aware that you spent the time to listen to me & allowed me to explain a history of my circumstance, comprehend it and assist me to provide a fantastic application. I went in imagining the most difficult situation due to past situations with a past Toronto law firm, however instead went into an excellent situation. The official did not have any negative responses in relation to the request and supplied the L1A Visa within a few minutes of waiting for the meeting time frame. Many thanks, I highly recommend NIREN & ASSOCIATES with regard to service as well as know-how."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Larissa C

  • "Great News, Everything went well at the Peace Bridge crossing today. I received my TN Work Visa and am okay to start work. The process went very smoothly thanks to the documentation and coaching I received from you. Thanks for your help in obtaining my TN Work Visa"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Jim T

  • "Dear Mary and Shabnam: I passed my final Ph.D . exam this week and I am finished at the University of Western Ontario except for a few minor things. I want to thank you for all you did for me and your prompt response to facilitate and expedite the study permit that I needed. The border agents were very nice and gave me the study permit easily. They only used the cover letter you prepared and did not ask me to submit any other paperwork. Nevertheless, I am grateful for your help to ensure that I was super prepared and ready for any eventuality. It was well worth it. God bless you both."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by H.T.

  • "Although at this time my Partner in life has not been given her Permanent Resident Visa to enter Canada, I must say now a huge and grateful Thank You to all involved in helping Myself and My Conjugal Partner be able to reside together here in Canada. From Mike Niren who took our case in the beginning, Mary Zhang who made sure we had all our documents filled out and guided us in procedures both in Canada and Philippines and submitted our application for permanent resident visa. To Katherine Yang who was there for our appeal process after we were denied the Visa. It is Katherine Yang who is the determination factor in our success in having us win our appeal ! Our dream of being together here in Canada along with my son will now become reality. Katherine's vision in how to appeal our case was tremendous. It took me a while to accept her theory on how to appeal. But her determination, enthusiasm, strong will, expertise in immigration law won me over. She never gave up, even though I had. Katherine overturned ever rock or pebble to find a way to win this case for us. Was creative, knew how much was too much and how much was too little in preparing our documentations. Katherine I found you to be very truthful and not afraid to tell me when certain things were right or wrong I appreciated your strength, your honesty. Katherine gave us moral support when delays in the appeal process would happen. Your positive feedback for both of us during our case continually gave us hope. Katherine's wisdom, caring and her personal will to win this case I admired greatly. My Avocation is Coaching and a great coach always has a plan “B”and sometimes even plan “C”, Katherine you even had that in the works, so that shows to me that failure would never be an issue here with you. With Lawyers like yourself it is know wonder why Niren & Associates is the top Immigration Firm in Toronto. From Myself and Janice our Whole Heartfelt of Thanks and Gratitude go to you Katherine Yang."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Denny and Janice K.

  • "We used the services of Niren and Associates and couldn't be happier. They handled our case from start to finish without any problems. We have our visas and can get on with our lives. Thank you for everything."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Ron T

  • "Great law firm, great lawyer. All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. Your legal team helped me when other lawyers couldn't. Your fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend Niren and Associates to anyone wishing to move to Canada or to the US"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Steve

  • "Dear Mrs Yang, Thank you very much for your work on our Canadian Permanent Residence Application and TRP. I just got off the phone with Juanita. We are extremely happy that we will be together again that we can't even believe it yet. We have been looking forward to this day for so long that now that it is here. I can't describe what I feel. I just want to say thank you so much for everything. We will always be grateful for what you have done for us. Juanita told me that now what I have to do is just buy a ticket once I get the official paper from you and present it at the port of entry. I will be traveling as soon as possible. Please let me know when you send the document to me to be aware of its arrival. Thanks again, we are so happy.... Kind regards"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Marco S

  • "I want you to know how much I appreciated your quick response in arranging a US Border crossing package for me, to enable me to view the loading of the Torren livestock Carrier from Australia. I arrived at Lewiston Border on Dec27th and was granted a B1 Entry to the USA until Jan3, 2011. I give credit to Niren & Associates for the excellent work you did in preparing the US entry package, which allowed me entrance to the US."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Donald Walton

  • "It has been a tough process but we made it through. Thanks again to Michael, Mary and your whole team at Niren & Associates. You have all been very classy in your service. I would recommend you practice to any one who needs your service."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by James S

  • "This is for my lawyer Katherine Yang at Niren and Associates. I want share my own experience I had with this lawyer regarding my immigration issues and everything she has done for me. Her efforts at getting me Canadian Permanent Residence changed my life. She is an excellent lawyer and I will always recommended her to all my friends and I will definitely come back to Katherine if I need more immigration help. I really don't have words to describe my feelings. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Harjit T

  • "I just came back from the Lewiston Bridge, and thank God, including you for your services. By His grace, my TN visa has been granted!! Thank you again for your advice and expertise Ms. Keyork. I will in keep in contact with you, if I have further questions."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Ruby Conners

  • "After finding myself being let down by a firm of attorneys (that shall remain nameless) for failing to submit my application for renewal of my E-2 Visa after having paid my full fees, I found myself in a desperate position as my business would suffer without my physical presence in the US. I retained the services of Niren and Associates- my attorney Fadi Minawi and his legal assistant Danielle were both professional and courteous in their approach and importantly, were able to successfully take care of obtaining my investor visa. I was regularly kept informed of all progress and any further requirements to meet the criteria. I would recommend anyone requiring legal representation for assistance in acquiring any Canadian and US visas."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Anonymous

  • "I just got my TN visa thanks to all the help and preparation provided by Katherine and her team. I was previously denied entry into the States and was in a very tight spot. But Katherine and her team did a great job of quickly putting together my documents. She also made sure I was completely prepared for interview. Thanks to their professional service and care I felt more confident on my attempt to cross the border."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Michelle

  • "We selected Niren & Associates after careful research on our part and interviewing several lawyers at various law firms in the Greater Toronto area. We felt that we had a difficult case because of a past denial of admission to the U.S. and picked Mr. Fadi Minawi, Esq. and his legal assistant Ms. Danielle Grbic in particular to work on our case. Mr. Minawi coached us through the process as to selecting the appropriate status under which to apply for and then guided us through the entire application process and in conjunction with Ms. Grbic meticulously prepared the application and verified our own work and made numerous suggestions during that process. Mr. Minawi prepared me for the interview process prior to going to US Customs. Even though I had a challenging case and my interview lasted well beyond business hours Mr. Minawi made a convincing case in writing as well as on the phone in speaking to the adjudicator while he was reviewing the application. In addition, I was given the opportunity to supply additional documents via fax from my accountant to the adjudicator. Finally, after several hours the L1A status was granted that same evening. A year later Mr. Minawi and Ms. Grbic again prepared my application for extension of the L1A status which was promptly and successfully obtained. We recommend their services to anyone seeking status in the U.S. and we will continue to engage their services in the future. We extend a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Minawi and Ms. Grbic for their professionalism, experience, dedication and meticulous work to provide us with the desired results."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Bernard

  • "Good news! I was able to obtain a three year TN visa with your help! I want to take this opportunity to thank you. You have provided me with help and support from the beginning of process to the end. I would not have done it without your help. Thank you for answering all my last minute phone calls and all the advice that you have given me on my application, which eventually led to my success on the TN visa application by overcoming all the obstacles. Your suggestions regarding the resume, offer letter and advice on getting the employer letter from all my previous employer letters have made a significant difference for my application. Thank you again! And I truly appreciated everything you and the firm have done for me and I am really happy and impressed with the services you and the firm has provided to me."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Hash S

  • "I just wanted to express my appreciation on your excellent and quality services. Mary emailed me today that she was notified that my and my wife's TRPs had been approved. Mary has been very generous and patient in answering all my email. She indeed is a great person!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Joanne R

  • "I just wanted to write and thank Fadi and Danielle for helping me to obtain an E-2 Visa. Everything was worth it. They advised me on exactly what I needed, they gave me a synopsis of the process and they were adamant on what information I had to supply before they would submit my application. I could have never had done it on my own. The whole process from start to finish was worth it. I know where I will go to if needing immigration lawyers in the future, Niren & Associates. I can now start my chocolate store in New York City. Thanks very much!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Shannon

  • "I would like to thank you for helping me with my waiver application to enter the USA. I had been trying without success for many years until I found and contacted your firm. Being able to enter the USA means so much to me seeing that I live in a city that borders the USA. Thanks again."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Lui N.

  • "I give you a WOW for service and knowledge. I wanted to thank you for walking me through this unusual ordeal. I appreciate that you took the time to hear me out and allowed me to explain the history of the situation, make sense of it and help me present a solid application. I walked in expecting the worst because of passed incidents with the previous attorney but instead walked into a very positive situation. The officer didn't have any negative comments about the application and issued the L1A Visa within minutes of standing at the interview window. Thank you so much. I give you a WOW for service and knowledge."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Kerry Sokalsky

  • "We are very very thankful for Your REAL and EFFECTIVE assistance and services which surely were key factors of our success in getting Canada visitors' visas. Our application file prepared by You and supported by Your valuable Submission letter have surely appeared in Embassy as perfect and complete - noone "documentary" question was raised during interview. And undoubtedly our visas success was built on your valuable experience, proficiency, attention, client-oriented way of communication, entire understanding client's needs and your surely comprehensive knowledge of immigration and common law which all were duly and fully shown during file preparation process. We are really COMPLETELY SATISFIED and will certainly strongly recommend to all friends and partners do not make any step onto the Canadian law and immigration "field" without your guidance."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Hassan

  • "Thanks Mary & Michael, We have now obtained clearance from Indian Immigration in consultation with Canadian Consulate New Delhi and we are in a process of validating the old travel tickets of Jet Air Ways for my sons which I hope shall be done in the next week and I shall let you know the date of landing in Toronto soon, when finalized. Of course, it was hard and troubling for us to go through it but finally we got the result. I thank you for your hints and coopertaion and attention so far and expect the same for the days to come. I am sure you would now try your best to clear their way ahead to unite with us and further progress. Thanks once again."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by TR

  • "I am very very thankful to Katherine Yang forever, she handeld my sponsorship appeal so well that it succeed. she had worked very very hard and very closely on my file. It was imposible without her strong effort and understanding. Her submission was so great and considerable. with her help me and my wife will be living together soon. Thank you katherine and niren and associates again."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Bill

  • "You Guys Rock! Just wanted you to know that I got the TN yesterday...so you're 3 for 3! You can add that to your record. It was the BEST birthday present ever! If anyone is looking for an immigration lawyer, I'm sending them your way. Thanks again!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Marsha

  • "Excellent Service at Niren & Associates! I want thank you for the excellent service, I received from Tiziana Aiello for my Visa application. She went to great lengths to help me when my application was thrown into turmoil by some delay of paper from my company. Finally, She got every document and submitted my application as of today. Again, Thanks a lot. I will recommend Niren& Associates to all my friends."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Barback

  • "Thank you for helping me to get my TN Visa. My visa was approved swiftly and painlessly at the border, despite my being very nervous. To be honest the only difficulty I had, which was minor, was in finding the border entry. When I first called your office needing your legal services I was under a very tight deadline, only having less than two weeks to get my application approved. But despite the time constraint you put my mind at ease that the visa could be approved in time. Throughout the entire process you were courteous, informative and accessible. Your advice was invaluable and your thoroughness in making sure all the necessary documentation was gathered was key in my TN Visa getting approved. I am glad I retained your services and will recommend you to anyone needing similar legal assistance in the future."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Kellowan

  • "Michael & Shabnam, Thank you so much for your remarkable turn around on my need to enter Canada on extremely short notice. A mere 48 hours after retaining your services and providing you with the first bit of documentation, I was landing in Canada with my application for TRP in hand. An hour later I found myself riding the train to my hotel. Without your help there is no way I would have been able to be present for my urgent business meeting there. I cannot thank you enough and greatly appreciate the attention that you paid me."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Bret

  • "First I want to thank you and your team for everything you did for me. The officer at the border said my package was the best he has ever seen and I received my visa immediately!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Gina

  • "Thank you for all of the hard work, and assistance you provided in putting together my TRP and Work Permit Applications. Honestly, I felt your services were worth every penny. I cannot tell you how embarrassing it is to have these types of legal issues; I never imagined I would be in this type of situation. Again, thank you for your professional service, Outstanding!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Charles J

  • "Just to let you know that I got the TN renewed last Friday. They also checked my fingerprints and took photos (I can't recall this in the prior years). The diplomas were the main thing. Thank you for all your help."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Cathy

  • "My husband and I are very pleased with all the help from Amandine!! Every question and concern that we had was answered pretty quickly! We are very happy we chose Niren and associates to help us with sponsoring my husband to come to Canada!! We would recommend anyone who needs any kind of immigration matter to contact this law firm. Thank you again for all the advice and help with out immigration process!!"

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Terry & Natalie Schutz

  • "I have got TN status at Toronto airport. My special thanks to you and your team."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Horace

  • "I felt my questions were answered properly and efficently wasn't however quite clear on a name of a certain document other than that excellent when I plan on moving forward it will be this firm I choose I just wish I knew about you guys ten years ago."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by John Jacobs

  • "Was very useful to have Fadi's experience. In my case the process of getting a green card via an L1 transfer is probably not going to be as easy as it appeared from my own research. Fadi was able to give me much more detail on what would be involved and after our conversation suggested an E2 visa as an alternative. Subsequently I have found out that I may qualify for a National Interest Waiver. I did mention this briefly but the response was that we would need to look at this later. I felt that the firm had far less experience in NAIWs and that may have influenced the advice I got to go for an E2. On the whole though I was happy with the consultation."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Andrew W

  • "My experience was excellent and informative, as well as eye opening. Shabnam was very good at explaining the process, she kept me posted on the process and was clear on what she needed to get this package completed. I was however very anxious and impatient and she put me at ease, when the package was ready for presentation, she went over how it should be presented, well Im happy to say I crossed, I believe it was a team effort, with myself, my friends and family and of course Shabnam, in fact Im going to have her work on Nexus pass, I would recommend your firm highly to anyone."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Raymond M

  • "Amandine Kagabo took our matter over from Sean Polden and between them they achieved my wifes permanent residence card. We have been working on her sponsorship case for 5 years. It was a long long time with 2 rejection slips because our Govt believed our marriage was a `marriage of convenience` Somehow, Sean & more particularly Amandine were able to persuade Hong Kong that we had been treated poorly. We were granted a THIRD interview thanks to Amandine and of course my wife was accepted as bona fide. Throughout this matter, Amandine has been pro-active, prompt to return our calls, a source of comfort to us both. She & Sean are wonderful ambassadors for Niren & Assoc. Thank you both for your work & creativity."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Mr & Mrs Paul C

  • "I spoke to other immigration attorneys and the next step in my immigration to North Carolina, USA. is to apply for the E-2 visa and get it done right. Fadi understood my needs and explained what could be done and to expect in order to qualify."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Roger

  • "My sister had applied for visit visa many years ago it was rejected and she applied again this year but was denied again. So I decided to hire a lawyer for a last try. I chose Niren and Associates based on the research I did. I am so glad I made a right choice. Amandine is very professional and knowledgable and most importantly she cares for client and understands client's needs. With her help, my sister got her visa. I highly recommend Amandine and Niren Associates."

    * * * * * 5 out of 5Rating by Kathy M

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Spectacular experience. Completely smooth process, they were able to answer any of my questions any time and I had peace of mind throughout the application time, which was invaluable. I have recommended them to other friends looking for assistance with their applications, and will continue to do so. Worth every penny.

Faith Cheongin the last week

Here, I would like to say thank you so very much for your kind support on extension my visit visa. I am touched and beyond words, I am grateful and thankful for your always help and cooperation. Have a wonderful day.

Setareh Rasaeiin the last week

Great law firm with great staff. My lawyer Rania did a great job for my Canadian work permit and my daughters study permit. You are great in your work. And my Para Legal officer Alicea, you are just amazing. They did not rest until my job was promptly and properly done. Always there to answer my calls, reply my emails promptly. She tried her best and the results were amazing. I recommend visa place if you need the best immigration job. Many thanks to Rania and Alicea.

Charity Musa2 months ago