How to Reapply for a Canadian Tourist Visa After Being Rejected

By Michael Niren March 26, 2021 3 min. read

You may find that applying for a Canadian tourist visa can be difficult to get and in some cases, result in a refusal. If this happens, you should know your options, like reapplying! In addition to reapplying, but you could also appeal. Deciding which route to take depends on your personal situation. Here is how to reapply or appeal your rejected Canadian visa.

Should I Reapply or Appeal a Rejected Canadian Visa?

The first step to determining if you should reapply or appeal a denied tourist visa is to understand why your Canadian visa application was denied. This is because if you simply reapply after a refusal with the exact same information you will be refused again. You will need to determine if you were refused because you were:

However, If you have made a mistake with your original application, you could reapply with the proper information on the application. For example, you may have made a mistake on your initial application or forgotten to include a piece of the important documentation necessary for the application to be accepted (e.g. proof of ties to your home country and proof that you can support yourself while in Canada). You will have to explain on your application why you all of a sudden have new information that can get you accepted

How to Appeal Your Refused Canadian Visa

When applications for Canadian immigration are submitted, an immigration officer reviews the application and decides on whether it should be approved or denied. The officer uses specific guidelines for making decisions on immigration cases. If an applicant does not meet the required criteria, they are most likely to receive a refusal letter however, sometimes it can be the immigration offers error so we suggest appealing! Whatever the reason for the refusal, it is important to act very quickly once you are notified that your case was denied.

Appealing a Canadian visa refusal can be an extremely complicated and delicate process. You will have to effectively demonstrate why your application should not have been denied and why you deserve a second chance. A licensed immigration lawyer can be your biggest asset and advantage during an appeal against a Canadian visa refusal!

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Parts to a Canadian Visa Refusal Appeal Letter

If you were denied a Canada visa you can send in an appeal letter for the government to reassess your case. In an appeal letter you want to include the following:

  1. The date and address of the embassy
  2. Personal details and current address
  3. The date your Canadian application was rejected
  4. The main body of the appeal letter to include: why they refused your application, why you believe that they made a mistake with their decision, and prove their decision was wrong
  5. Travel history and previous visas
  6. Reasons why you wanted a Canadian visa
  7. Create a sense of urgency
  8. Hand Signature
  9. Include all the required documents in an attachment to the appeal letter

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