Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program Announced

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New Changes to the Live in Caregiver Program

Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney said on Sunday that changes have been proposed to the rules that govern live-in caregivers.

The proposed changes include that employers will have to cover the costs of the caregivers’ travel to Canada, their workplace safety insurance and any recruiting fees owed to third parties as well as the cost of their medical insurance until they are eligible for provincial health coverage. Applicants will also no longer have to receive a second medial examination.

Foreign live-in caregivers or nannies will also now have up to four years to complete the two years, or 3900 work hours, necessary to gain landed status as opposed to the previous three. Ten per cent of their overtime hours will also be included in this calculation. A caregiver hotline as well as emergency processing of work permits when a change in employment is urgently needed have also been created.

More information on changes to the Live in Caregiver Program

Kenney spoke to a group of people at the Toronto Kababayan Community Center, where people had been urging change on behalf of Canada’s Filipino community.

Further changes will ensure employers have clearly stated to the employee their expectations with regards to job duties, sick leave, resignation and termination procedures and terms, as well as holiday, overtime and sick days.

“The government of Canada is proposing measures that would make it easier for live-in caregivers to gain residency, making the program more flexible for caregivers and to better protect their rights,” said Kenney.

The changes to the Live in Caregiver Program are expected to be implemented in 2010, and the exact text of the proposed plan will be published on December 19 of this year.

Michael Niren

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  • Marissa

    Hello Atty.,

    I would like to ask if there are some changes of policies for live in caregiver again for this year 2012. I heard that a new live in caregiver applicant could no longer obtain a residency except for the government allows a new live in caregiver to live and work for five years only. Your update for this is greatly appreciated.

  • Crystal

    Hi there
    I have been reading your blog on the new laws that are being put in place to help “protect” foreign workers. Here you say that a hotline as well as emergency processing of new work permits has been created for live-in caregivers. I am wondering, are there any sort of hotlines to call or emergency processing of new work permits for other foreign workers i.e. those in restaurants, in construction, etc. when foreign workers on work permits are being exploited or abused by their employers? How can we help this situation?
    Thanks for your great blog. This is the best site I’ve found with good information about these issues.

    • Hi Crystal
      Thank you for your comments. I am not aware whether such a hot line exists. However, you can always call your local Service Canada office in such a case. They are responsible for ensuring employers comply with the terms and conditions of their employees contracts.

  • Cathy

    When will this new rules will be implemented?I also have problems in completing my two years and I have been waiting for this new rules to take effect.Thanks.

    • The new rules are not in effect yet and it could be over one year before the changes are enacted. We will keep everyone posted.

  • Aileen

    Hi there,

    I would just like to ask if these new rules are already imposed and implemented? I appreciate your input.


    • No they are not implemented yet. We will let people know when they are.

  • dan

    Thank you for the great information… I hope I am fine because the application has already been approved.
    A great website that helped me.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. We do our best to inform people about immigration and visa law.

  • Julia

    Hi there,

    I am currently in the process of hiring a live in caregiver who will be coming in March 2010 – does this mean all the changes are effective for me and my nanny immediately?

    Please advise,

    • The changes will be in effect for live in caregiver applicants yet to be approved. If your application has already been approved, you should be fine–otherwise you may be subject to the new provisions.

  • irene

    Just heard about this news from some friends and now it is confirmed…we would just like to know if all caregivers who are still under the live-in caregiver program are included in this new proposal? Are those who came 2006-2009 who are not yet able to complete the two year range.
    Thank you so much
    God bless

    • Hi there. As far as we know, the new policy applies to Live in Caregivers currently working in Canada.

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