Challenges International Students Face in Canada

By Casey September 16, 2019 (Updated July 20, 2020) 3 min. read
International Students in Canada face challenges

Coming to Canada to study can be very exciting. It can also be a bit nerve wracking at first due to the indifference between your home country and Canada. Many international students are shocked at how different life in Canada can be. We have compiled a few challenges that international students face when coming to Canada and how to handle them. Facing challenges head on can help your experience in Canada a better one.

Common Issues Foreign Students Have While Studying in Canada

Unless you’ve personally studied abroad before, it’s difficult to know what exactly an international student has to go through to feel comfortable.

Culture Shock

The number one thing that students feel when studying abroad is the culture shock. Thankfully Canada is very diverse so the many different cultures and religions make it easier to not feel so alone in this feeling.  International students have to quickly pick up on subtleties of the culture, such as body language, signs of respect, and overall pace of life. The best way to combat culture shock is to understand the culture in Canada and adjust to it accordingly. Keeping your home’s culture alive is important as well! Staying true to your culture as well as adjusting to Canada’s will help those experiencing culture shock.

New Language

Depending where you go to college in Canada the language that will be spoken will be English or French. Most provinces speak English for exception of Quebec. It is important to try and know English to the best of your ability. Not just so that learning at school is easier but also easier for daily activities and making friends. Many international students struggle with the language barrier in Canada but learning English and practicing it often will help.

Being Homesick

Home-sickness is another big challenge that you might have to face when coming to Canada, unless you already have family or friends in Canada. Make a habit of talking to your friends and family back home regularly, but try not to only talk to them. Try to make Canada your new home by interacting with many people, trying new activities, and being active in the community. Staying home and only thinking about your home country can be detrimental to your growth in Canada.

Money Management

Many international students in Canada struggle with their finances. It is easy to spend a lot of money when first arriving in a foreign country. Just be aware of your savings account and how to budget yourself in Canada. Many international students get jobs in Canada to help them financially throughout their studies. Find out how to get a Job in Canada on a Student Visa.

Not Wanting to Leave Canada

So you overcame your challenges in Canada but now you don’t want to leave! This frequently happens but don’t worry there is a solution to this. There are many programs that allow international students to become permanent residents of Canada. Find out which program is best for you and make Canada your permanent home!

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