Important Changes to the Express Entry Program 2016

By Michael Niren December 2, 2016 2 min. read

The government of Canada has introduced a major change in its express entry category. As you know, express entry is a key category for the applicant who would like to immigrate to Canada. Its requirements are based on your skill, experience, and education, and it has attracted many applicants around the world. Many have been successfully able to immigrate to Canada under this category.

Since the introduction of express entry in January 2015, the government has been constantly updating and improving to attract to global talent around the world. There will be three major changes.

Changes to Express Entry Program

  1. There are no longer an extra 600 points for the LMIA. In the past, if you received an LMIA that has been assessed by the FCC, you would receive an extra 600 points. Now there is going to be 200 points for managerial occupations that fall under NOC code 0, and any other job description that falls under NOC code A or B will be awarded only 50 extra points.  The government realizes that there are many extremely qualified people who do not have an LMIA.
  2.  There is no longer a requirement that you have to have LMIA to get extra points. If you have received a work permit under LMIA exempt categories, you will receive extra points, equal to LMIA. This is beneficial to students who have studied in Canada and completed their post-secondary education. If you have completed your schooling in Canada, you would receive up to 30 points. Previously, whether you have completed your school in Canada or outside, there was no difference in terms of points. Students who have been educated in Canada will have a better chance to successfully settle down in the country. I think it’s a great move on the government’s part to encourage people who are already here.
  3. You have 90 days to complete your application. You used to have two months to complete your application and submit it to the government for your permanent residence. The previous timeline was pretty tight for many clients, and now you have an extra 30 days, which gives more room for you to collect your documents.

These are really good changes and I think it will encourage other eligible and skilled applicants to apply. Stay tuned for further changes.

Are You Planning to Apply for Express Entry?

If you have an express entry application in progress and would like to know where your score is, or if you are planning to apply under express entry category, we would be happy to help you.

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